Donate Fund To Africa: Help Us Save Lives

Sharlin Kate
Sep 06, 2019   •  0 views

Do you know the healthcare facilities in Africa are in dire need of medical facilities, equipment, and medical training to keep the African population healthy?

Every day hundreds and thousands of African die due to lack of basic medical care which for us is a luxury.

In Africa, 22 million people is living with HIV/AIDS, one in five children died due to malaria and one woman in 16 die during pregnancy and childbirth.

Don’t you think we can do something about this horrific situation?

Yes, we can do a lot for them. We just need proper direction and commitment to solving this horrific situation.

Donate Fund

If you think a single donation by you won’t make any difference to the people of Africa, you are wrong! Every one of us can make an impact. Just try to commit to anyone organization working towards the health needs of Africa. You can contact Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation as they are committed to improving the health facilities in Africa.


Donate Used Medical Equipment

You can also donate different used and unexpired medical equipment like hospital beds, stretchers, x-ray machines as well as different other supplies. You won’t imagine what a disastrous situation people in Africa stay in hospitals. They sleep on beds made of wheat straw. So the things we take for granted in the USA or Canada are a luxury for people in Africa. Think about the people of Africa before you throw your granny’s old wheelchair. Donate wheelchair to help at least a single person walk.

Medical Device Donations

You can also donate medical devices like x-ray machines, pathology equipment, EEG and ECG machines as well as several other devices that can be used to support healthcare in Africa. For medical device donation in Africa, you can contact Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation. They will act as a bridge between you and the needy people in Africa.

Charity or Gift

It’s Christmas or Halloween and you are celebrating with your family with lots of fun and frolic. But think about that two-year-old kid, who can’t even get a proper medical service because he is poor. To help such people you can also do a charity donation gift. Just contact Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation and they will help you to send these charity gifts.

Giving is not just about making donations, it’s also about making a difference. So if you want to make a difference in the lives of people in Africa, try to donate medical supplies, equipment or funds.

To donate used medical supplies, just type donate used medical equipment near me and an executive from Dembi Dollo Hospital will contact you for donations.

For more information about medical donations contact