5 Ways To Improve Healthcare In Africa

Sharlin Kate
Aug 27, 2019   •  0 views

How disappointing it is for our world that in one of our continents people will live 14 years less than people of other continents!!

Yes, I am talking about Africa!! In Africa, the life expectancy of people is 14 years less than the average world citizen. Africa still lags behind basic healthcare facilities. The continent still suffers from communicable diseases that have been eradicated or controlled in the rest of the world like malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS. The Ebola outbreak of 2015 revealed the basic flaws in the current healthcare in Africa.

If you look at the entire scenario, the healthcare facilities in Africa are provided by a mix of government, NGOs and the private sector.

All though all these parties are trying hard to improve the healthcare system, the situation remains gloomy for Africa. Africa needs a robust mechanism and a shared responsibility among all the three parties to take the health facilities to a new level.

Following are some of the steps that need to be taken for a better and healthier Africa:

  • Digital technologies

Digital technologies can be a driving force in delivering better healthcare. But the government, as well as private parties, needs to provide adequate infrastructure to boost the digital technologies. Mobile technology as well as providing healthcare programs online can be a major milestone towards improved healthcare. Digital technologies like real-time maps can also help the government as well as NGOs to know about the location of patients and the areas where they can redistribute the medicine so that more patients can be treated.

  • Providing right knowledge, skill, and training

All the parties associated with improving healthcare in Africa needs to make sure that number of Doctors, Nurses as well as paramedics are trained so that they can have proper knowledge and skill to treat the ailing patients.

  • Strengthening public/private partnership

According to certain reports, healthcare in Africa is sometimes complicated by opposing objectives, priorities as well as capabilities of private/public parties. Therefore all the three parties that is, Government, private parties and NGOs should work in harmony towards a common objective of uplifting health facilities in Africa.

  • Realistic goal as per local needs

NGOs, as well as investors in healthcare in Africa, needs to make sure that their goals and objectives are properly aligned to the local needs of Africa. For this, they need to work in collaboration with local healthcare providers and clinics.

  • Universal commitment

Gloomy healthcare in Africa is a global issue. And it needs a committed collaboration among all the partners associated with health. Africa needs proper infrastructure, proper charity donation gift, adequate research facilities, many doctors and nurses as well as collaborative efforts by all health organizations around the world.

Everyone should have access to good health, no matter where they live!!

So let’s work towards a healthy and happy Africa with shared responsibility.

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