All Of You Know That Rocks Are The Solid Mineral Materials Forming A Part Of The Surface Of The Earth And Other Similar Planets. Have You Know That Rocks Can Recycled ?

How did Rocks Get their Names ?
  • Igneous Rocks - The word Igneous derived from the Latin word ‘Ignis’ means ‘fire’. Also the word Agni is a Hindi language which means Fire

  • Sedimentary Rocks - The word ‘Sedimentary’ has derived from the word of the Latin Language ‘Sedimentum’ means settling down .

  • Metamorphic Rocks - The word Metamorphic has delivered from the word of the Greek Language “Meta” means change and “Morpha” means shape. Thus its known as change in shape

Sub - Types of Rocks

Types of Igneous Rocks they are:

1. Extrusive Igneous Rocks

2. Intrusive Igneous Rocks

Types of Sedimentary Rocks they are;

1. Organic Sedimentary Rocks

2. Mechanical Sedimentary Rocks

3. Chemical Sedimentary rocks


Metamorphism is of two types. They are

1.Thermal Metamorphism: If the change in the rocks is mainly caused by high temperature, this process known as thermal metamorphism.

2. Dynamic Metamorphism: If the change in the rock is mainly caused by high pressure, this process known as Dynamic Metamorphism.