5 Traditional Dishes You Must Try In Bangkok

Shaheen Shaikh
Mar 31, 2020   •  4 views

Bangkok is synonymous with skyscrapers, thai massages and affordable flea markets. But did you know that it is also one of the most visited Asian cities for its delectable traditional food?  Delhiites are often seen booking Delhi to Bangkok flights to pamper their taste buds at this affordable food city.

Bangkok is extremely passionate about food, where a few dishes are world famous while few others are rare. However, each one of them is worth a try. Here’s a look at what you must try to satisfy the foodie in you.

1.     Pad Thai Noodles

Numerous places in Delhi like Champa Gali serve Pad Thai Noodles but nothing can match up to the authentic taste. The noodles are basically stir fried with chicken, shrimp, pork, fish and eggs. For a complete scrumptious meal, the dish is served with yellow limes, peanuts, green cilantro and red chili flakes. The taste is sour, sweet and salty and spicy – all at once! This is Thailand’s comfort food and is famous all over the world.

2.     Tom Yum

This is a spicy and sour Thai masterpiece and is a popular street food of Bangkok. It is usually loaded with chicken, beef, pork and shrimp. Additionally, they render a tingling taste due to the seamless mixture of lime juice, lemon grass, crushed pepper, fish sauce, cilantro, garlic and onions. Fresh herbs and stock go into the making of this signature soup. You could savour this on your way to the hotel after deboarding from your Delhi to Bangkok flight.

3.     Khao Phat

This is the Thai version of fried rice but made with jasmine rice instead of the regular one. The word “Khao” means rice and “Phat” means stir fried. A smooth blend of garlic, onions, tomatoes and eggs are tossed with chicken or pork in a hot wok. You can also choose from basil, coconut or pineapple fried rice for an out-of-the-ox dining experience. In fact, you can also customize the meat according to your preference.

4.     Khao Ka Moo

The main ingredient is pork and so it is often known as Pork Trotters Rice by the locals. The meat is slow cooked for hours, till it entirely detaches from the bone. A sweet soy sauce with a dash of cinnamon is used to marinate the pork and later served with plain rice. If you don’t love spicy food but are fond of a sweet and salty taste, this could be the perfect treat to gorge on. The dish is best enjoyed with steamed vegetables and boiled eggs. Leave some space on your flights between Delhi to Bangkok to enjoy this meal once you reach.

5.     Gaeng Keow Wan Gai 

This is a staple dish of Thailand and can help cure a cold. This rich and creamy Thai Green Curry Chicken is made from coconut milk, sweet basil leaves, egg plants, green chilies and shallots. The hot and sweet flavours come from the green curry paste, which renders the green colour to the curry. This nutritious dish is best enjoyed with a bowl of rice or plain noodles.

Whether you are on an exclusive food tour or simply exploring the city, make sure to try each of these dishes. You could also pack some to snack on your flight from Bangkok to Delhi.