The cosmopolitan culture of Hyderabad is made more vibrant by the city’s cuisine. The City of Nizams is the most sought-after place for foodies. Biryani is one of the gastronomical delights here, with tons of variations on offer. Apart from the local Andhra or Hyderabadi dishes, the culinary scene is lit with refreshing flavors from many regions.

If you are exploring the distinct food culture here, these dishes must top your list.

1. Chicken Kacchi Biryani

The superiority of Hyderabadi Biryani is known far and wide. Kachhi Biryani is a Bangladeshi dish that is usually prepared in a clay oven, sealed with dough. Chicken Kachhi Biryani recipe requires you to infuse rice, potatoes and chunks of meat together with whole spices. This gives the dish its fantastic aroma. ‘Kachhi’ in Hindi means raw. Raw ingredients are added in layers instead of cooking the rice and meat separately first. The result is a bowl full of divine Biryani.

2. Mirchi Ka Salan

Kachhi Biryani tastes best when coupled with the hot and tangy mirchi ka salan. It is a perfect combination of green chilies lying in a bed of coconut paste. The pungent taste is refreshing and can level up the taste of any plain food, like naan or roti. Coconut is the main ingredient responsible for the delightful flavor. The base is prepared from peanuts and sesame seeds, making it one of the most delicious side dishes ever.

3. Dum Phukt

The words ‘dum’ means breath and ‘phukt’ means cooking. If you are wondering how to make Biryani, begin with this. The rice, mixed with chicken and spices, is slow cooked in steam. The utensil used is a handi or a thick and heavy bottomed wok. The natural aroma of ghee and spices ooze out in every bite, leaving you drooling. Slow cooking is mainly done so that one can enjoy the unique tastes of all the ingredients.

4. Kebabs

When in Hyderabad, you must try Boti Kebabs and Tunday Kebabs. Boti kebab is a lamb delicacy that has a rustic roasted flavor. The impeccable taste comes from fresh herbs and spices, marinated in yogurt. Tunday kebab is a famous Lucknow dish that is found in the street stalls of Hyderabad too. You can relish these soft and juicy meat balls with either mint chutney or mayonnaise.

5. Haleem

Hyderabadi haleem is easily one of the most loved dishes of the city. It is a classic preparation, usually made during the month of Ramadan. This stew is made from lentils, meat, ghee, wheat, local spices and barley. Haleem brings out the real Nizami essence savored by the locals and tourists alike.

Although the Mughals and Nizams are long gone, Indians are still blessed to be able to enjoy their royal cuisine in the form of Kacchi Biryani and other delicacies.