10 Tips For Normal Delivery With Easy Labor

Shaheen Shaikh
Jul 04, 2020   •  2 views

Normal delivery is a process which is beneficial for the baby, as well as the mother. With normal delivery, women recover faster, have fewer complications, and have low risks of postpartum depression. Exposure to microbes in the birth canal during a normal delivery can strengthen a baby’s immunity. They will also have fewer chances of encountering respiratory troubles. At times, a c-section can come with many complications, as in essence, it is major surgery.

Now, despite being desirous of normal delivery, women may still fear labor pain. Here are some normal delivery tips to increase the chances of an easy labor.  

1. A fit body shortens labor time 

During pregnancy, your body is subject to lots of physiological changes, and labor is an intense exertion for body muscles. Regular exercise stretches your muscles and makes them stronger. Pelvic mobility increases with antenatal exercises. This will be extremely helpful for a smooth birthing process and short labor.

2. Nourish your body 

For a pregnant woman, eating healthy is one of the most important tips for normal delivery. Ensure that your intake involves whole foods, complex carbohydrates, lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts. To increase the chances of normal delivery, eat 4 to 5 dates a day, which improves iron and hemoglobin levels. 

Be aware of your calorie requirement and serving size to understand your body requirements. Dehydration and malnutrition can cause premature deliveries and birth defects. You must stay hydrated and maintain an ideal weight to have a healthy pregnancy. 

3. Learn in a Childbirth Class

Most first-time mothers are clueless about the actual birthing process. If you feel unprepared, enroll in a good childbirth class. Methods like Lamaze and hypnobirthing help in managing pain and anxiety during childbirth. Your lessons will also equip you with knowledge about the labor process, when to be hospitalized, and what to anticipate from the labor. These classes can prepare you for childbirth by teaching you relaxation techniques to overcome the fear of labor pain.

4. Practice coping techniques

You need to regularly practice coping techniques like breathing, visualization & imagery, massage, focus, birth positions, and other mechanisms taught at the childbirth classes. This way, you can easily implement these techniques during labor to mitigate the pain. 

5. Prepare a Birth Plan

With adequate knowledge on childbirth, you can now choose normal delivery with the best suited coping techniques, the birth position, and epidurals. So, prepare a plan to guide through pregnancy and childbirth. Besides, it is wise to have back-up options in case the plan does not work out as desired.

6. Support Team and Birth Companions

Having your spouse, mother, sister, or a friend at your side will help you during your pregnancy. Have them attend childbirth classes with you so they could also educate themselves and help you in decision making. This will certainly boost your confidence and make things smoother. 

7. Remain active during labor 

The duration of labor varies from person to person, although usually, a new mother may experience pain only for a few hours. During contractions, the mother should rest and relax to help the labor progress further. Having a good birthing position and being active during labor is important to bring the baby in the right position. This will fasten labor duration and will also lessen the pain. 

8. Be relaxed and positive

You must remain positive throughout labor. An optimistic mind releases chemicals that relax your body and loosens up the muscle, making the labor less painful. However, stress, fear, and negative thoughts release chemicals that tense the body and tighten the muscles, increasing the pain. Thus, to experience labor with low pain, practice relaxation to ease up your mind and body.

9. Stress-free surrounding

A mother needs privacy for delivery with peaceful surroundings. It is advised not to have too many people around while in labor to avoid anxiety, stress, and distractions. Stress will only extend the period of labor. 

10. Get a massage

Try having a light relaxing massage on your tummy. Try a massage on your lower back; it can be very effective for the later stages of labor. 

Follow these normal delivery tips to have a pleasant experience of pregnancy and smooth labor.