Put A Spark In Your Boring & Lonely Relationship

Sayali Kawade
Jun 14, 2019   •  28 views

So it seems that intimacy and passion are dead in your relationship, in spite of being with your significant other for such a long time?

Perhaps you recall your early years together and wistfully remember when time spent together with your partner which seemed alive .Or might be you that you haven't experienced the intimacy which you expected from your partner. Maybe you've always longed for a spicier and more connected relationship.

But you alreadyknow that in order to fix your broken relationship, you will need to bring back some of your passion, intimacy, and connection — and this is going to take communication.

Everyone has their own preferences about the degree of closeness or passion desired. After all, being in a relationship is a choice. Why would anyone choose to be in a passionless relationship? If you want to fix your relationship, here are few things to do when you're bored as a couple to build intimacy again.

Get a clear idea about what you want from your partner. It is quite common for people in long-term relationships to settle into habits and roles and then become fixed in them. These couples don't give much thought to the kind of relationship they want and they often take their soul mates for granted. They might also do this because they become too busy with other work aspects . How much ever busy you are or whatever is the case in your relationship, break out of the box and talk to your partner about the intimacy you desire. Be as specific and clear as you can.

Firstly you need to stop thinking back of your early days with your partner. Instead, begin to envision what you want for your significant other in future .By doing this you will give rise to resentment and fear in your mind.

Once you are clear about what you want in your relationship, talk to your partner about this. The solution here is to be boldly open, honest, and do not blame your partner .Stay focused on what you want and stop finding the mistakes of your partner.

You might use words such as, “I would really like to increase the excitement in our relationship. I enjoy spending time with you in so many ways and I want to move closer together in our intimate sharing as well.”

Re-commit to the relationship you want to rekindle a more passionate relationship together. It is not possible at times that you both freely make this commitment. From time to time you might have to check in's for to do this.

By doing this your life will be more exciting and alive. You're not just fixing a broken relationship but you're also bringing a new sense of excitement into your own life.



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