Take Your Company To The Peak Of Its Success With Field Service Management

Mar 18, 2020   •  4 views

Growth of business depends on happy customers and a customer can become happy if they can rely on your company with the best services. That is why, all the companies now need a team of professionals, who are working out in the field and can go to any location physically, to provide customer services. This is the most convenient way to help your client while building a strong bond with them. To do all these things, you need field management software, which is an automated system that allows you to put your servicing team out in the field and manage them efficiently. The management software can provide B2B management solutions at an affordable rate that includes,


  • Vehicle tracking

  • Record keeping

  • Goods dispatching

  • Keep the documents etc.


As technology is advancing, the demand and expectations of the customers are getting higher. To keep a customer and meet all their requirements, there is no better way than to use field management services.


You would be surprised to know a fact that the market value of field management services was nearly 3.15 billion in 2019, which is likely to become double within the next 5-6 years.


Different Field Services

Field services are not about going to the customer’s place and fix the problem, which is known as the repair work. Though that is an important part, one of the most important we should say, there’s more to it, such as




Providing better maintenance is the first line of field management services to prevent any damage overtime, regular checking is important. The professional workers can perform a thorough check of any pieces of equipment and change any parts if necessary to ensure the long run with full efficiency.


Now maintenance part can be classified into 3 different phases,

  • Preventive maintenance, to gather all the data to keep a piece of equipment away from serious damage

  • Predictive maintenance, to detect any abnormality

  • Corrective maintenance is to resolve any issues as soon as possible



Some of the equipment may need installation as well, and after the installation, you need to make sure that the equipment is running at its full potential.




To get the field management services software for your company, contact the best software development company in Singapore, which can provide you with the best services and a much deeper understanding of the software.


The software has several features, such as


  • Workforce management

  • Billing procedure

  • Inventory management

  • Data collection

  • Document handling

  • Real-time calculations


But, some of the key features of the filed management services software are,


  • The FSM software allows the technicians to handle a situation faster by accessing every data through their mobile phones

  • SAAS or software as a service will help the user to connect with the cloud-based apps for better mobility

  • The FSM software will allow your organization to keep all the customer’s information to provide better services on any situation


Some industries that can use the FSM software

 If your business is related to customer services, you can use the FSM software. Still, here is a list of industries, which must use the management software to provide better customer satisfaction,


  • Manufacturing companies

  • Landscaping and gardening

  • Pest control

  • Appliance repairing (home and office)

  • Energy industries

  • Cleaning companies

  • Building and construction industries


Choose the right FSM software

 Now comes the most important part, where you have to choose the best FSM software for your company. As different companies provide different services, your FSM software should go according to your business.


Here how you can choose the best FSM software for your company,


  • Set your priorities to make sure the software will provide value for money

  • The features must make the job easier and ease the workload

  • Choose an experienced software developing company