Kathputli- A Toy Or Came Up In Human Form!

Riya Baranwal
Jun 11, 2019   •  4 views

Kathputli according to google and people it is a string puppet performance and is an ancient well-known form of folk art. Kathputli basically made up of wood head and body stuffed with clothes and were covered with long rajasthani culture dress. Kathputli’s were used for stage performance and for information spreading medium. In old days kathputli is used as media tool.

But according to me whenever I see or hear word kathputli I see girls and women who are puppets for some vulgar boys and men. Some people think that girls and women are puppets to their hands and they can use or mould them as they want. It’s not only about girls or women but about everyone who have become puppet for others. In today’s world we work for earning money and we do whatever is orders by superior as a puppet without arguments, similarly that superior is puppet for his master whatever he orders he works according without speaking. We all are puppet for someone else, unless allow anyone to handle your life string you are safe and happy.

Being kathputli may be make you happy for few times but deep down you will be regretting and will be upset. According to people and google, kathputli’s have lost its image and value we hardly see any puppet shows. Puppets are now-a-days are seen in house as home decor and as a toy for children to play with. But what I see is that people have started playing with humans as a puppets and they try to handle the string of others life.