Listening Skills:-

Active Listening Techniques:-

I strongly suggest that you follow the techniques below to equip yourself as an active listener.

1.Take Notes:-

Whether you are attending a lecture in the classroom or a speech in an auditorium or you are interviewing someone, it is important to keep a note book for taking notes. Taking notes helps in concentrating.

2.Listening Like a Manager:-

To be an active listener, you need to anticipate what you can expect from a lecture. For this, you need to do some homework as going to a library or browsing the web to get some basic inputs about the topic. If it is an interview, proper planning includes checking your recording system or camera, as well as deciding whether to use a camera stand or not.

3.Be Supportive to The Speaker:-

Make all possible ways to be supportive to the speaker. Never nurture antipathy and negative thoughts of opposing the speaker. Such negativity, as has been explained in the previous lecture, can muddle your thinking and thwart your understanding.

4.Do Not Interrupt The Speaker:-

Some people are habituated to interrupt the speaker frequently. It could be due to their impatience or overenthusiasm. However, in reality, it only reveals the poor listening skills of the interrupter. Moreover, it is not in the decorum to ask questions before the lecture is delivered. Interrupting not only affects the speaker’s flow of thought but also showcases one’s rude and uncultured self.

5.Avoid Multi Tasking:-

Once you have decided to listen to something, give yourself whole-heartedly to the task. Make your mind, body, and soul engaged completely in the listening activity. Avoid reading newspaper, while checking messages on your mobile, and responding to e-mails on your I-Pad and also appearing to show interest in the speech. Multitasking, while hampering you active listening, insults a passionately prepared speaker and dampens his/her enthusiasm.

6.Ask Questions:-

You should not sit idly even when the session is open for questions from the audience. Be prepared for this moment, especially while taking notes itself, identify questions to be asked at the end of the speech. Ask questions without any hesitation.