Flowers And Potted Plants: Their Impact On Employees

Raju Shahi
Feb 04, 2020   •  1 view

Imagine yourself, on the verge of shortage of ideas, enveloped by a surrounding that's nothing but walls, grey and plain, as if the personification of despair and gloom, while you sit, rummaging your brain for a singular innovative idea, something creative, something exceptional, but perhaps your surroundings have got you at your most vulnerable.

But, think - if at such a moment, you would have been in a beautiful garden, where fresh air, greenery, and other vibrant colours of nature, would have blossomed the aura with their essence, then would you have had encountered the same disappointments while rummaging the alleys of your mind for something creative? We suppose not, for it is a well-experienced fact that has also been proved to numerical on the basis of studies that decor that comprises of nature's beauty, plays an important role when it comes to an employee's creative input.

If you are working in a mechanical environment, with nothing worth nature's beauty in your sight, then you are expected to perform on a dull disappointing basis when you are compared to a person whose surroundings comprise of the candid colors and subtle fragrance of fresh flowers along with the health benefits of potted plants. These two factors influence the productivity of an individual in the most positive of all manners. The creative zones of our minds crave for something beautiful, in order to get inspired from. Beauty in any form is inspirational, hence, when the vision of beautiful fresh flowers gets reflected in our eyes, then it acts as a fuel to our creativity, there churning our imagination and weaving thoughts out of them that are worth something.

The other factor comprises the health benefits offered by the potted plants, the most important of which is 'fresh air'. Fresh air, that is, oxygen is required by our brain to function in the finest manner possible, but if our surroundings lack the source, that is, plants, then with the passing of time during a singular working day, we might tend to become more drowsy, less active and least productive. Hence, potted plants dominate the mentioned scenario by supplying plenty of fresh oxygen to the surroundings and also to the inhabitants, who are, in this case, active and booming with a zeal to give their hundred percent.

Blissful fragrance, beauty, and fresh air - flowers and potted plants liven up a place and grant the individuals in their proximity with innovations, creativity, freshness, and vigor - all factors that tend to craft out a model employee out of a person.