It is said that the pen is stronger than the sword.

This means that the power of the pen is enormous and even surpasses the sword. A small pen can help you reach the target that a powerful sword cannot help you to reach. This slang emphasizes the power of the pen. It is able to defeat even the biggest sword.

Everybody knows that a sword is a weapon with a sharp edge, while a pen is a writing instrument without a sharp edge. But the power of the pen is extremely greater than a sword. What a sharp sword edge cannot help us achieve, can be easily achieved with the help of a small tip of a pen .A pen and a sword cannot be compared because the pen is used for writing purposes and the sword is used for fighting purposes. A pen that is stronger than a sword implies that the power and strength of writing is always stronger than the influence of war.

A war is always destructive and ends lives. The sword can only kill and thus lead to defeat, loss and death. Even if one party wins the warthere is loss of many lives in the war. It is the critical loss of the same winning party. Writing is harmonious and peaceful and it is also invaluable.

Penned books provide us with education, knowledge and wisdom that remain with us forever.The power of the pen can also be understood from the fact that one wrong answer, written on the answer sheet during exams, tests, etc. can greatly affect us. We can learn history, geography, religion, science etc. by reading and pen plays an important role for the writer to express his opinion and emotions for future the generations to learn from them.

There are various quotes and proverbs on books such as: "Books are the treasure of knowledge", "Books are the best companion", "Books are the path of truth" and many others. A book written with a pen makes it powerful and worth reading. Not all books are useful. Some books influence the reader inappropriately and may be restricted or prohibited. So, it's the pen that makes the book powerful. So powerful, the pen is!

The “pen is more powerful than the sword "emphasizing that we should not belittle the power of a small thing like a pen. This implies that something as small as a pen can have a huge impact on people and society as a whole that even a sharp sword cannot have. Of course, the sword commands are held at a certain time but the influence of the pen is universally immortal.In the world of political warfare and uncertainty, we need more pens than sword.



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