"Life is a lesson"

"Life is a struggle"

"Life is finding who you are and meant to be"

"Life is a beautiful journey"

"Life is an adventure"

"Life is a tragedy"

Everyone wonders what is life? But we get so many answers to this. There are a million quotes on what life is. Is it because life is just too big a concept to define it in one sentence? Or is it that we all have different experiences so our answers are also not the same.

If you Google the meaning of life, it gives a simple and accurate answer which makes sense.

Well, life is us being born and existing in this world untill we die. That's basically it. Our experiences and choices make it something more. How we live it is what makes it worth defining. We are all existing till we die but still our lives are not at all the same but they are completely different. So instead of asking others or searching quotes, define your own definition.


In life we do come with a purpose, whatever it may be. Some want to achieve goals and become extremely successful, some want to achieve happiness, some overcome thier struggles etc. Finding that purpose isn't easy but once you do you'll never fail. All the failures we endure in our lives are when we are pursuing the wrong path, the path not made for us, the path we are not made to walk on but if you realise what you are supposed to do and it would be something you are great at doing, you won't face failures. That would be your purpose. You can then write your definition of life. Do you believe that we are here to fulfil a purpose? Can't we just be here to live basically. Again that depends on your definition.

Life is easy, it's just existing. Living it is a complicated thing. Like humans have so many emotions, so does life. We get good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, success, failures, loss and achievements. Thats why when Google tells us it's simple answer that it is just existence of a human being or animal, we can't accept it. It seems like a big thing.

Make it happen

Choose! What you want your life to be about. How you wish to live it. As they say you only 'exist' once. Make it happen for yourself whatever it may be. It doesn't need to be a big goal, it needs to be something that makes you love it. Don't let Google make it boring for you, you still have those quotes that seems so exciting. If life gets hard, don't lose hope. get up and change it. You don't have to do what you don't want to, Not always. So chose and make it happen.

So to sum up "life is what you make it"



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