5 Signs That You Have A Fake Friend

Priyansha Malik
Jul 25, 2019   •  32 views

Sometimes we go through bad experiences with our friends that hurts us badly. Sometimes we are betrayed by them and never understand why they could do it. It makes us wonder if our friendship with them is real. Are they really our true friend who care about us. If they are, then why would they be willing to hurt us at all.

It is very important to know who are your actual friends. Who really loves you and deserves to be loved by you.

Here are 5 tell signs that your friend is fake and you need to get rid of them.

1. When they hurt you, they know they are hurting you.

We all make mistakes and get a little spoiled sometimes. It ends up hurting our loved ones. But its never intentional. We never want to hurt our friends and definitely try to avoid it. if they hurt you knowingly and intentionally, if they know doing this would hurt your feelings but still do it, then they are not your friend. They are fake. For them they are the only ones who matter and no one else

Anyone who cares about you will never even think about doing something to hurt you intentionally.

2. They aren't happy for you but jeolouse

If something good happens to you, something that really makes you Happy. You achieve something big, bigger than them, you do better than your friend in life or in something specific, they should be happy for you. They would show that too. A fake friend would not be happy and it would be pretty easy to determine. They will be jeolouse or just ignore the situation completely. Even if sometimes they aren't very excited about it for some reason they will still show you that they are happy and hide their feelings.

3. They want to help you.

You real friend is always ready to help you. They want to help you. They care about you and want to see you happy. If you ask for something they will do it for you. Sometimes even if it is something that would be an inconveniece for them they will still do it for you because that is what real friends are supposed to do. Fake friend would never care enough. They don't care if you are happy or not or if you need help or not. If you are sad someday, a real friend would wanna come and talk to you to see what's wrong. A fake friend would pretend to care, might talk a little bit but you'll know its all an act because it will happen only once while.

4. They will show you they care.

Its not a 100% thing but 75% chances are that if you are reading this article then you do have a fake friend. Someone who loves you will want to show you that they love you. They would want to make sure you know they care. They will do things to make you feel special. They won't leave you wondering all the time if you matter, if they even care or if this Friendship is just a means of passing time.

we only have one life and never know how long we have with someone, so show them that they matter and keep them forever.

5. They'll need you in thier life

Is life without your best friends even life? Think of you best friend you really love and ask yourself can you live without them. Your real friends will want to see you and include you in thier life. They will make effort to hang out with you. They will love to experience life with you. A fake one will never fail to call you when they need something or when they just don't have anything better to do. Otherwise your existance wouldn't be worth much.

it's essential to know who are your real friends and who are not. You need to know what you deserve and remove the fake people out of your life. It will be hard but also worth it and lead you to a happy and satisfied life.