How To Get Rid Of Your Pimples

At some point in our lives, we all face the problem of acne, mostly during our teenage because this is the time when our body goes through a series of hormonal changes and nowadays we have also started eating a lot of junk food which makes difficult for our digestive system to balance the body requirements which then causes acne.

So, here I am going to tell you few remedies and changes in your routine which will prevent pimples from coming again and again.

Drinking More Water

Acne is more likely to develop when your body has more toxins than an average level and to flush out those toxins from our body water or fluids are very important. It’s not that more water will necessarily cure your acne, but it will surely prevent acne from coming further. There are many factors which trigger acne so there are other many remedies or solution for that, you might be getting acne because of dehydration and for that also you should drink water. Likewise, your body or skin might be suffering from some other problem which can be solved through drinking more water, so you should definitely drink more water than you usually drink. Drinking more water not only solves the problem of acne but also makes your skin glow, reduce wrinkles, helps in proper digestion and other lots of benefits.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and inflammatory properties which led to its use in treating acne. Aloe vera is also called as wonder plant due to it numerous health, skin and hair benefits. Applying aloe vera gel regularly will definitely result in reducing your acne up to a certain level, you must apply it on the affected areas and leave it overnight to see the best results out of it. The best part about aloe vera gel is that; it is very affordable and can be found very easily, you might be also having that plant in your garden or balcony and if not you should get one for yourself.

Aloe vera is often used in medicines and cosmetics industry due to it numerous benefits, there are many soap, face wash, shampoo and medicines out there in the market which has aloe vera in itand are priced very high but why to waste your hard earned money when you can simply grow aloe vera plant at your home.

Eating Healthy

Eating food that affects your digestive system or food with high glycemic level can cause acne. More research is still needed to be done on this but till now some evidences show that eating food like pasta, barley, corn, oatmeal, legumes, etc which have high glycemic level causes acne. Rather than eating junk food or food with high glycemic level we should opt for diet which has more vitamins especially vitamin A and E because eating food rich in vitamins reduces the risk of severe Acne.

Skincare Routine

Most of the people have acne due to the excess oil produced by sebaceous glands in our skin, which is natural and happens with everyone during the teenage. When excess oil led to the blockage of skin pores and dirt from the environment comes in contact with it, then that causes pimple or acne. For preventing this to happen, we have to take care of our skin on daily basis. We should make sure our skin is clean throughout the day, for that we should use face wash available in the market for all skin types, but before buying a face wash make sure it has no harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates that can harm your skin. After that we should make sure our skin is not too much dry after using the face wash, if it happens you can use a good moisturizer to moisturize your skin or you can also use that wonder plant Aloe vera as it also has nourishing properties.



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