Say Hi Dumb Technology And Bye Bye Smart Technology

Pooja Sharma
Sep 26, 2019   •  4 views

Dumb Technology is related to invention of the technical devices or items which lacking in intelligence. Like the name itself says dumb, we get the idea what type of the device it could be. As we all know, of we are saying that something is dumb that completely means something has lack of intelligence or something is stupid in the concerned aspects or about which we are talking be it living or non living thing. Dumb Technical Gadgets got replaced by Smart Technical Gadgets. People prefer to have Smart Technical Gadgets than Dumb Technical Gadgets.
What are Technical Gadgets?
In layman’s language, Tech. Gadgets are the devices which reduces human efforts or which are technically handled. These are the items kept by people to communicate to search anything anytime anywhere, and managing daily routine work, whichever is needed. Those things which needs manpower or human efforts are no longer rely on manpower, instead those can be modify and give rest to human beings for major as well as minor project works. Tech. Gadgets are meant to help people. Like other things, it also has advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages in brief are-
• Technical Gadgets reduces human efforts and make work easy.
• These are reliable and suitable.
• These Gadgets saves time, as if we are likely to fill a tank then we can use technical device or method instead of mankind which is easy and can be done in minimum time.
• Tech. Gadgets can be used anywhere from one place to another.
• These Gadgets are useful and makes communication easy.
Some of the disadvantages are-
• People has become dependent on Tech. Gadgets completely.
• These Gadgets leads to unemployment as machine and gadgets replaces people.
• Sometimes these costs much and can be more expensive and unaffordable.
• There can be defect while communicating using Tech. Gadgets.
• There is no warranty on some products which leads to malfunctions and sometimes unreliability.

As we studied, Technical Gadgets has pros and cons. Thus, on one side it can be bane and on another side, it can be boon. Technical Gadgets are further divided into two terms or category. These are Dumb Tech. Gadgets and Smart Tech. Gadgets. As the name says, dumb means stupid and Smart means intelligent. Thus, there are two Technical Gadgets division namely-
1. Dumb Technical Gadgets.
2. Smart Technical Gadgets.

Dumb Technical Gadgets
Dumb Technical Gadgets are the ones which lacking in intelligence. They are used earlier often and gained popularity. But when Smart Tech. came into existence, Dumb Tech. almost exhausted and faced negligence. Some of the Dumb Tech. Gadgets are-
• Telephones(landline)
• Small Screen Buttoned Mobile
• Devices which doesn’t have web browser and internet.

Smart Technical Gadgets
Smart Technical Gadgets are those gadgets and devices which are rich in intelligence and are opposite of Dumb Technical Gadgets. They are gaining popularity nowadays. They have replaced Dumb Technical Gadgets and make first place in the Tech. World. Some of the Smart Technical Gadgets are-
• Android
• IOT(Internet Of Things)
• Devices which does have browser and internet.

Should embrace Dumb Technical Gadgets
Have you ever thought why Smart Tech. Treated as good devices? Can they affect badly and leads to malfunction? Can they be proven as evil in people’s life? As we know, we have gained much popularity through Smart Tech. Gadgets, despite this, they have several disadvantages which affects human life badly. Sometimes they are evils in the eyes of people. Some of the disadvantages which proves that this affects badly are-
• By using social platforms and watching unnecessary things through internet on mobile phones and computers, our time gets totally wasted.
• Radiations of such devices can harm the body.
• It can leads to give bad rapport of a person.
• It can use to defame a community, a person and so on.
• It can go to an extent beyond our imaginations and ruins things.

Why choose Dumb over Smart?
Keeping all the things and disadvantages of Smart Tech. Gadgets in mind, we should say Hi! To Dumb Tech. Gadgets and Bye! To Smart Tech. Gadgets. Dumb gadgets are the ones which makes the person independent and do things on their own which is good for physical and mental health. Physical, because we don’t have to sit instead we have to do things on our own which requires manpower and physical work and Mental, because we get to use our brain which gets utilizes by using more and more. By choosing dumb tech. We are inviting betterment for ourselves. At last, considering all the cons of Smart Tech. Gadgets, there should be an urge to choose Dumb Tech. Gadgets for the people’s welfare. We should go for Dumb over Smart to let life go easy, comfortable and with healthy lifestyle.
Our life has now revolving around those things which can reach to ourselves easily or which needs less or no efforts at all. If these modern tech. Setting us on heights then it is also making lazy in some if the terms. We just want to sit and get our work completed by doing nothing. We want easy lifestyle which requires no efforts. These all things leads to laziness and dependency. People should do their work on their own instead of depending on machines and devices. It leads to their mental and physical growth, which is necessary for human beings. All people should learn to have no apprentice at least for minor works. There are things which provides betterment and some things which are evil to one’s life as well. In this, we have to make wise decision and choose things considering its pros and cons and how will that affect one’s life. To avoid malfunctions, to save time, to have better lifestyle, to have proper growth of body physically and mentally and to experience things on one’s own, people should go for Dumb Tech. Gadgets. With great minds we can convert the small crumbs to a mountain. Otherwise, all will go vain despite having brain.



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