The power of makeup ,someone told, was its ability to help paint our faces extremely pale and draw out sharp European features-be epitomes to a beauty that is falsely considered the ideal type. Contrary to this, I never really learned to sculpt my face ten kilos skinnier or to draw my eyebrows without them looking extremely hairy but then I still do-do not leave the house without a tint on my lips and on my cheeks.

So a lot of people speculate that people or girls who put makeup are the fakest of all or they fake beauty. But if one looks from a girl's perspective the scenario really changes a lot. I have heard a lot of people commenting on someone's facial structure body language dressing sense and what not. Whenever we get a chance to judge someone every time we tend to find out one or the other flaw . And to stay away from this judgmental crisis females tend to put makeup. Makeup is just not a mere face covering thing instead it is a way to embrace the inner beauty you have also the fact that it gives you much more confidence than what one possesses.

There's absolutely nothing wrong in applying makeup because you're doing it to make yourself feel beautiful by embracing the beauty you already have.

So if you love applying makeup go ahead and enjoy. Here are a few of my favorite products :

1) Maybelline Fit me foundation :

My skin is not perfect and tends to get oily pretty fast and break out. Due to this i have to apply a foundation that does not clog pores and this Maybelline fit me foundation is absolutely perfect. It sets on my skin pretty well and looks natural.

2) Maybelline New York fit me concealer :

To blend in with my foundation this concealer does just right. It does not make the face greasy or oily it sets just right with the foundation. To cover dark circles or blemishes this concealer is great.

3) Huda highlighter palette :

For all those that love a glow on their face I think the huda palette does absolute Justice. There are various collections and shades. A little dab on the face gives a extra popping highlight!

4)Mac eyeshadow palette :

If you are a fan of eye makeup like me, this is one palette I suggest. Its super pigmented and stays on your eyes just right. It does not spread around or cause a mess, because of the smooth pigment it stays perfect on the eyes.

5) Huda liquid matte lipsticks :

I'm more of the matte person, so i prefer this because it stays on the lips 24 hours and does not come off easily even if you eat or drink anything.

These are my favorite basic products. Makeup is not to change how you look, it's to embrace your inner beauty.

Tell me what products do best for you.



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