If you have always been fascinated by a book, the major reason is how it is written.
If the different worlds that exist in stories or the poems have all amazed you then it is credited to the writer.

If you feel relaxed, encouraged, determined, motivated or influenced by any piece you read, it is to be thanked to the writer.

A writer is described as a person who uses words written in various styles and techniques to communicate his/her ideas. The words of a writer have that power of changing someone, may be a little or may be completely.

There are a large number of categories a writer may belong to:
1.Literary and Creative

  • Poet

  • Novelist

  • Satirist

  • Short story writer


  • Librettist

  • Lyricist

  • Playwright

  • Screenwriter

  • Speechwriter

3.Interpretive and Academic

  • Biographer

  • Critic

  • Editor

  • Encyclopaedist

  • Essayist

  • Historian

  • Lexicographer

  • Researcher/Scholar

  • Translator


  • Blogger

  • Columnist

  • Diarist

  • Journalist

  • Memoirist


  • Ghost writer

  • Letter writer

  • Report writer

  • Scribe

  • Technical writer

Long ago two friends started a beautiful journey helping people to express their thoughts… These two friends being a paper and a pen have seen many writers grow.

A writer is a dreamer who dreams of a world far away, a world far better.

A writer is a soldier with pen as his arm and he knows how to fire with his words.
A writer is a teacher teaching us different aspects of life.
A writer is a person who holds the ability to change the world.

“A writer never has a vacation.
For a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.”
-Eugene Ionesco

They observe a little more, little more they think.
They take us to another world within a blink.
They give us the strength with what they write.
They make us realize the reality with the honesty of their mind.
It is their ability to make us think in a different way for each and everything.
A writer’s thinking may shock and surprise us and fill us with all sort of emotions.
We are privileged to have some amazing people around us, whom we can read and acquire the wings of knowledge with the power of their words.

Be a reader a writer wishes to write for or be a writer a reader wishes to read.



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Thank you friends :)
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So true 😍
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