Womens World Cup Divided The World

Osher Joseph
Jul 20, 2019   •  0 views

This year the women's world cup was held in France. The United States Women National Team went to the tournament as the favorites along with the English and the Dutch. The USWNT were the strong favorites and bookies also suggested they will win it, and they did go on to win it. Although women’s world cup didn’t garner as many views as the men’s world cup but it was pretty fun to watch. The standard of football was also not as good as men’s football. USWNT played well but the off-pitch antics were unacceptable. They disrespected the president of United States and tried creating division by asking more wages or as they call it equal wages. This demand came in after men were getting paid more. They also rejected the invitation of visiting the White House and claimed Trump is a racist and homophobe. While talking about wage gap between men and women, they didn’t take into consideration the revenue earned, merchandise sold and tickets sold. There were also many reports of them misbehaving and talking absolute garbage.

There has been a massive overreaction by the general public. They have also made things look far worse than they are. The media has also not helped and they are the 1st people to propagate lies and should be held responsible. The players also should act as role models as young girls look up to them. It also doesn’t look good when you reject the invitation of the president but visit house of assembly. It’s clearly show their bias toward the Democrat party and other women. The wage gap is also a non issue and the women’s team should not make a big fuss about. They have huge potential and are very talented but they should know how to behave. They should be famous for their on field performances and not off-field antics.

Women can go on to achieve great things in sports if they were to be well disciplined, its key to success. Men who maintain discipline in their life and worked hard were rewarded, hard work is key. Men didnt achieve success overnight, they worked hard for years and the year of experience helped in taking the right decisions. Although, I stated above that men are stronger than women but that doesnt mean women cant achieve anything, they can do that and some of them have done it. Its also important to remember not every man who criticizes women is an sexist, constructed criticism help us to analyze our mistake and get better at sports or anything if we really want to