There have been many controversies in football and some of them have hit the football world very hard. The players who took bribes were involved did it purely for money and most have been punished. Let’s look at controversies that rocked the football world.

4. 2002 World Cup

The 2002 World Cup was held in South Korea and Japan. 32 teams qualified for this world cup in Asia. It was for the very first time that a world cup was hosted in an Asian country. Although there are no reports suggesting that corruption had taken place but one could see the biased decisions made by the referee. South Korea isn’t a footballing country but made it to the semifinals after beating Spain, Italy, and Portugal. The referee helped South Korea and was quite visible. The decision made by the referee were in favor of South Korea. It also made them look amateur. Turkey beat South Korea by three goals to two and secured the third place.

3. Racism

Racism is everywhere and it will continue to exist. Racism in football in unacceptable, fans in Italy have racially abused black players multiple times. They have thrown banana and made monkey noises. The Italian FA hasn’t done anything which has only encouraged this type of behaviour. Fellow players have also racially abused other players. John Terry has racially abused brother of Rio Ferdinand, Anton Ferdinand. Terry was punished but not the Italian fans who continue to make noises and racially abuse black players.

2. Corruption

In 2006, the football was hit by a corruption scandal and was one of the worst scandal in footballs history. Teams involved in this scandal were tops team from Italian top 2 divisions, Juventus was hit the hardest. The scandal involved the team managers having contact with the referees association, which meant of selecting favorable referees. A.C. Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina were demoted to Serie B and Juventus to Serie C.

1. 2015 Corruption

In 2015, FIFA was hit by another corruption case. Sepp Blatter was accused of taking bribes and making favorable decisions. The 2014, 2018 and 2022 world all are investigated. Although there are no reports suggesting that Brazilian and Russian authorities bribed FIFA officials to be host of the World Cup, same can’t be said about Qatar world cup. The World Cup in Qatar is the most controversial, as it would be played in the month of December, the middle of the Football season. It is also reported many workers have died and the working conditions are also poor.