Social Media Influencer Trends That Will Rule 2020

Feb 24, 2020   •  2 views

Over time, with the evolution of technology and new products, there has also been a move in how firms market their products. From print to radio to television, brands have continually changed to make sure that the money they spend helps them achieve the right type of audience. In the smartphone world and with the emergence of social media marketing in Sydney, brands have gradually modified themselves to this new platform, now exposing themselves to the idea of working with social media influencers in Australia.


While the definition of social media influencers is pretty extensive, and even notable people who have made a name through other platforms now highlighting themselves out there as influencers, initially these were creators who were digital-first and crafted an audience all on social platforms. Platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok are making it progressively cooler for brands and influencers to cooperate, fundamentally developing an ecosystem.

Since a large number of people use social media to stay in connection with friends and trends, it's quitenormal that bloggers have become a new emerging voice within the marketing landscape.

2020 is going to witness the growth of the micro-Influencer. A micro-influencer refers to a person who has followers ranging between 2,000 to 50,000 on a specific social media channel. The world will see an increased dominance of these influencers in 2020 and rather than spending on celebrities or big influencers, brands will rely more more micro-influencers within the same budget.

This is a stimulating change because social media influencers in Australia count on the power of real people to transmit a brand’s message. Brands “identify” influencers based on their interests and platforms and then involve them to communicate with their followers. Though celebrities are mass appealers and have brand recall value related with their faces,  micro-influencers are niche/category based social media celebrities and people value their reviews or opinion when buying a product/ availing a service. Hence, as brands being becoming more targeted with their campaigns, they will start looking at micro-influencers more and more.

Technology is all set to fuel the next upsurge of evolution in the social media marketing in Sydney, and one of the major changes will be the use of technology in innovative ways by the new-age influencer. With the advent of smart technology and smartphones, iPods, etc, we are looking at the growth of new domains and one of them is the dawn of‘Podcast Influencers’.  Till date, Influencer Marketing has been around pictures and videos (audiovisual streams) – with Podcasts and parallel technologies, the audiovisual will now shift to ‘voice’.

Unified campaigns of on-ground events combined with digital media with influencer marketing will be on the sharp growth. More of AI and AR driven campaigns are supposed to be performed on the ground with support through influencers. This is supposed to grow even further in 2020 as brands will adopt AI and AR at a much higher rate.



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