World Senior Citizen's Day 2019: Reaching Out To The Elderly

Sanjeev Thakur
Aug 20, 2019   •  1 view

World Senior Citizens Day on August 21 is aimed at raising awareness about issues which affect the elders.

World Senior Citizens Day 2019: People worldwide are living longer. The share of senior citizens—60 years and above—is projected to jump by nearly 20% in 2050, as per a United Nations Population Fund report.

For most senior citizens around worldwide, some of the biggest concerns include healthcare costs, lack of financial support and security. Take health insurance, for instance, sudden unforeseen medical expenses could severely impact the bank balance. With cost of medical care going up, it is necessary that every senior citizen should be adequately covered. Besides, lack of information about various schemes targeted at senior citizens remains an impediment, too.

Mental illness in older adults is treatable when it is discovered and family and loved one have an important role to play in this regard. Regular follow-ups with a medical practitioner and ensuring that the senior citizen takes their medications on time is essential

As you age, adopting an active and healthy lifestyle is of prime importance to help regulate and monitor the health base. An active fitness routine involving mild exercises can benefit you to start living your life again and will surely help you to enjoy the strength, elasticity, and dexterity you used to have and you’ll feel full of vigor and you might possibly pay fewer visits to your health expert.

Last but not least, a continuous dialogue needs to be initiated to address issues of senior citizens. This platform is one such effort in this direction.

Happy Aging! - World Senior Citizens Day



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