Difference Between Republic Day & Independence Day

Sanjeev Thakur
Aug 14, 2019   •  5 views

Republic day & Independence day are two very important days for India and its population and are celebrated every year on 26th of January & 15th of August respectively.

These two days are declared public holidays and celebrated as national events.

What’s the Difference?

Independence Day

  • The day of August 15, 1947 is celebrated with great fervor in all parts of the country as Independence Day. The day reminds us of the bravery and grit of freedom fighter who fought valiantly and gave their lives for the cause of the nation. Independence Day is used by the Prime Minister of the day to address the nation and the tricolor, our national flag is hoisted from the famous Red Fort in New Delhi.

Republic Day

  • India got independence from British rule in 1947, but was not a republic till 1951,, until when the constitution of the country was adopted and the country was declared a Republic. The country got separated and was recognized by the comity of nations as a separate country but it still followed British constitution and acknowledged British Monarch as its head. It was only when India adopted its newly written constitution on 26th January 1950 that India became a Republic. This is why 26th of January is celebrated every year as Republic Day across the length and breadth of the country.

Difference between Republic Day and Independence Day