Benefits Of Drinking Water At The Correct Time

Sanjeev Thakur
May 04, 2020   •  2 views

Benefits of drinking water at the correct time

Drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on Human Body.

Did You Know! that there are specific times throughout the day when drinking water can actually boost your overall health and cognitive functioning.

"Science shows that drinking water at the correct times of day can help to prevent common problems such as stomach pain, IBS, bloating, fatigue, overeating, high blood pressure, constipation, and even heart attack and stroke"

Here’s the best times to drink water, in order to maximize its effectiveness:

1) After Waking Up​:

  • It helps to activate your internal organs & remove any toxins before your first meal of the day.

2) Drink Before you Eat:

  • Before any main meal throughout the day, you should drink a glass of water 30 minutes before to help with digestion & also Drink water 30 minutes after the meal to allow the body to absorb the nutrients.

3) Before a Bath:

  • Drinking one glass of water 10-15 minutes before taking a bath will help lower your blood pressure.

4) Before Sleep:

  • Drink one glass of water an hour before bedtime to replenish any fluid loss that can occur during the night. It also helps avoid stroke & heart attack.

5) Substitute Water During Meals:

  • If you get thirsty during your meal, instead of drinking water, have some Yogurt or Buttermilk instead. It has the cooling effect on your body but does not hamper your digestion. 

6) Drink Water Before & After a Workout:

  • The amount you’ll need depends on your weight, health & whether you exercised in hot or humid conditions.

7) Drink Water Stored in Silver and Copper Vessels:

  • According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in your body, (vata, kapha and pitta) and it does so by positively charging the water. It also has anti-cancer properties. Water in the silver vessel has the power to remove free radicals from the body and gives a cooling effect in the intestines and smoothens the process of digestion.

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