A Book Named “26/11 : Rss Ki Sazish”

Sanjeev Thakur
Nov 26, 2019   •  8 views

A book named “26/11 : RSS Ki Sazish” written by Aziz Burney (Editor-in-Chief of Urdu Sahara newspaper) was released by Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Dec 6, 2010 in Delhi, the book talks about the hand of RSS and Hindutva element behind 26/11 Mumbai Attacks.

Highlights of the book :-

1. The BJP and the RSS are responsible for 26/11 attack in Mumbai. The BJP did not raise its voice against the delay in probe (p. ll)

2. ATS chief Hemant Karkare was about to disclose many facts regarding Malegaon blast in which he was expected to expose many sadhus and saints including the BJP and the RSS (p. 28) (of-course to Digvijay Singh )

3. Mossad and CIA had assisted the Sangh Parivar in the attack carried out in Mumbai. With the tacit understanding of the USA, Saudi Arabia’s Maulana Bedi had collected fundamentalists. The then, Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi had helped in attackers’ arrival and stay (p. 41) (How can an Islamist writer forget Israel when creating conspiracy theories ? How can he forget to add Narendra Modi?)

4. Post 1993, all attacks in the country is the result of the nexus between the RSS and Mossad. Karkare was about to make all these disclosures to the media and was going to leave the country to settle abroad. Karkare was not killed by AK-47 but by the service revolver of the police. RAW and Home Ministry are investigating the role played by the Gujarat ATS in Karkare’s murder case. Karkare was killed by Hindutva-minded police officials and people from the Chota Rajan gang (p. 61)

5. The Congress is suspecting the involvement of the BJP in the Malegaon blast other than the RSS and Bajrang Dal. The BJP decided to give legal assistance to Sadhvi Pragya, the day Purohit told the CBI that the VHP leaders had given special contribution in formation of Abhinav Bharat. RSS leader Indresh Kumar has taken Rs 3 crore from the Pakistan intelligence agency ISI. The same day Karkare received the threat call and the very next day he was killed (p. 99)

6. The RSS and Israel are trying to make India unstable (p. 190) (again Israel)

7. In order to make India a Hindu nation, such blasts are being carried out (p. 219)

8. Abhinav Bharat was getting financial aid from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Weapons were bought from the money provided by Praveen Togadia to kill Indresh Kumar (p. 232)

9. While the RSS is distributing a ” Trishul ” to youths and women, the Bajrang Dal is providing training to people for making bombs and causing blasts. The VHP had planted bombs in several mosques in Maharashtra to explode them (p. 584)

10. The RSS and VHP are trying to defame Muslims by forming terrorist organizations like Indian Mujahideen and Islamic Security Force. Indian Mujahideen was not involved in the bomb blasts in Assam. Bajrang Dal is a dubious organization and Indian Mujahideen is the code name of it. Editor of Communalism Combat, Teesta Setalvad mentioned in a report that the CBI is trying cover up Hindu Terrorism and Batla House encounter was fake (p. 597)

11. Election Commission of India must consider banning the BJP to contest elections. From Nathuram Godse to Sadhvi Pragya, violence is part of the RSS culture. About 100 Hindutva Organisations associated with the RSS are involved in the violent activities. Mentality of the police and the army in the country is anti-Muslim (p. 606)

Any buyer for this book ?? I don’t think so except the terrorist.