The Importance Of Regular Eye Exam For Your Children

Mohit Verma
Dec 23, 2019   •  4 views

Eye testing or eye check is of immense importance for your children. With proper and regular eye check-up you can make sure of eye health. Eye check-up also helps to discover if there are any hidden issues in your child’s vision. 


Reasons To Do Regular Eye Check Up

In children regular eye checkup should be done for the following reasons:

  • To know if your child has the right focus and concentration.

  • To check the vision power

  • To see if the child is comfortable in reading

  • To know if the child has good eye movement skills.

Why Eye Exams Are Important?

Eye checkup is a very essential part of the overall health checkup routine of a child. There are many cases of eye diseases that are found in children from a very early stage. In case your child has some sort of problems in their eyes, it will lead to poor school performance. Various accidental issues may happen if your child has poor eyesight. Thus it is of primary importance to figure out the issues in the beginning. And one of the best ways to do so is taking your children to a reputed eye specialist in Delhi for a routine eye checkup. 

First Signs That Indicates Eye Issues

Your child may show certain signs and symptoms that would tell you to go for an eye checkup immediately. Some of these signs are:

  • Squinting frequently or rubbing eyes without any reason often. 

  • Makes effort to focus on one object.

  • Difficulty in reading or when looking towards the light.

  • Less interest in reading or writing or any board game.

  • Does not take part in in-class activities or lack in hand-eye coordination.

    In case you see any of these symptoms, you need to consult with an eye specialist at the earliest.

Time For Routine Eye Checkup

Mostly, the first eye checkup needs to be done at the age of 6 months and then at 3 years, 5years and 6 years. School-going children need frequent eye checkups. Parents must take them to see an eye specialist every 6 months. Children who need to wear glasses or contacts must visit the doctor frequently to see if there is any change in vision or improvement. 

Always carry the previous prescription (if any) when you visit an eye specialist for your child. Also, choose a time when your child is happy and can better interact with the doctor. 

Preparation Before Eye Checkup

It has to be remembered that the child must be prepared before visiting the eye doctor. Talk to your child about how things will be inside the doctor’s chamber. This way your child will feel comfortable before the doctor. Also, let your kid know that the doctor may ask them to identify certain objects and pictures. Along with this, let them know that the doctor may put an eye drop that may sting a little. 

Finally, it can be said that parents need to be very particular about taking their children to routine eye checkups. Find the best eye doctor near you and get an appointment for your child.