Things To Keep In Mind Before A Home Renovation

Mike Parsons
Sep 12, 2019   •  4 views

Once you've decided to roll up your sleeves and get on to home renovations, the important thing is to make a clear plan. You want to stay within your budget but you also want to make considerable improvements, right?

As people tend to forget many important details regarding home improvements, they often end up stressed, spending more than they were planning to. The following things are the ones you need to keep in mind before and during a renovation.


1. Repurposing old materials

You may not consider this as your first option, but you may want to stop and think about this greener and more frugal alternative. Depending on projects you want to tackle with, you may be able to use some of the materials from your own home or even leftovers from previous projects. With a bit of creativity and a sufficient amount of material, one won't be able to tell the difference between new items and those made of repurposed material.

2. A bit of paint goes a long way

Sometimes, all that one room needs is a fresh coat of a different color and not expensive furnishings and decorations. Many times, this cheapest and most simple form of renovation brings significant changes into a room. If you choose just the right color, you may be able to give a new, modern look to the room but also make it look brighter and bigger.

3. Let the budget guide you

Before the works actually start, it's very important to be aware of the upper limit of your available budget. Be clear about how much money you can and want to spend on the renovation. The next step is to make a list of all the things you want to change, remodel or improve. Soon, you'll see that probably not all of them are feasible right now and will have to wait for a later time. It will make you prioritize and realize not every improvement is equally important.

4. Smaller changes and replacements

When we want to change the look of a room or the entire home, we often turn our attention to bigger items like furnishing. They cost a lot more than smaller items, so try to introduce smaller changes around your home. Smaller items can bring positive changes just as much as large items but at a lower cost. For example, think about cushions spread around your home - simply buying new, trendy ones will change the feeling of space.

5. Eco-friendly improvements

Your renovation works could include a greener approach - make changes that will be more energy-efficient in the long run. Even if they cost a bit more, lower bills will make up for the expenses over time. As eco-friendliness is huge these days, be sure that you'll also boost the resale price of your home.


6. The mess renovations cause

Many people are preoccupied with the works themselves, so they tend to forget about accompanying issues such as space that will be available to them during the renovation. It's not an issue if you're renovating one bathroom out of two but it will be an issue if you have just the one you're renovating. It could also be necessary for you to vacant the premises if you're doing a full renovation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that restoration of an old home means a lot of work prior to the restoration. You should get some tips for clearing out your old home so that the restoration goes as smoothly as possible.

7. Utilizing smart technology

You can significantly improve your lifestyle if you start using smart technology in your household. Not only is it energy-efficient but it also makes certain things easier and more convenient. For example, you'll be able to monitor your home remotely, check if you have turned off the oven or lower the blinds if there's bright sunshine outside - all of that done from your workplace.

8. Rearrange, don't buy

Sometimes, all you need in a room is a different arrangement and not a set of new things. Try to look at the room from a different angle - it will get a different vibe if you move around the furniture and create new areas. It will feel like you're in a brand-new room when you actually didn't buy a thing. When you're stuck in a rut, move things around before you move on to new ones.

9. Play with lighting

Lighting in a room is extremely important for the overall ambiance. It is a fairly affordable change - by simply adding a dimmer or brighter setting, you will be able to change the atmosphere in the room according to the occasion. The color of the lighting can also be significant - different colors shed a different light, giving the room a warmer or cooler feeling.

10. Calculating the cost adequately

One of the most common mistakes people do before the renovation is considering only the full price when coming up with the budget. But if you're planning to make a renovation which will stick for another 20 years, like replacing the roof, then the full cost should be divided with the overall number of months, namely 20x12. It will give you an insight into the monthly cost of the renovation. In case you include energy-efficient solutions like new windows or doors, the overall costs will be different than you originally expected.

11. Downtime due to remodeling

As mentioned before, many improvement projects require you to leave home or stay away from certain rooms while they are being redecorated. This will bring some temporary changes to your lifestyle. For example, you may have to shower at the gym every day because your bathroom is being renovated. Or you may have to find another place to stay because your home is not livable at that point due to major home improvements. To reduce your expenses, don't stay in a hotel but in a friend's or a relative's home for the time being.


12. Disposing of the waste after the renovation

Eventually, you will have to deal with the mess in your home after the works are finished. The unused materials, the leftovers, the garbage and the dust - all of that will have to be adequately removed after the improvements. The smart move is to consult the contractors to identify if there are any items that can be recycled or salvaged and in what way. Not everything should end up on a landfill. It's necessary to get containers of various sizes and types so that you can store different types of leftovers and waste appropriately. It's important to know which items can be put into a container and which need to be disposed of separately due to a potential hazard.

Final comment

You probably consider your home your most valuable asset but it's also one of the things that affect your life the most. So, every change you make should be carefully planned and executed so that you feel pleased with it and comfortable in your home. And not just that - with the right changes, your life could be simpler and more frugal. So, don't hesitate to consult different experts before the renovation.

The important thing to remember is that renovation doesn't have to bring many financial benefits but they will definitely improve your lifestyle, which is the main point of almost any renovation. It is a very subjective thing so only you know what projects will be most valuable to you and your family.