Pssst!….it is within you.


Being a 21-year-old with hell a lot of questions on her head, thinking of what to do and wondering what my future life will be is overwhelming.

When I didn't get an answer, I searched out for it on the internet just like any 21-year-old would do. Before, I did not know what to do because no ideas came into my head, but now, when I got into an overflow of information and advice, I was even more confused.

This wild information about being productive led me to a huge world of self-development. So many gurus giving motivational talks and promoting their books and courses, I didn't know that I was about to fall into; a big pit of a huge money-making industry of self-development. Watching their videos one by one, getting their books from amazon and reading them thinking that at some point I will be the best version of myself. 

But then, what caught most of my attention was the concept called the Law of attraction. An interesting topic though, the manifestation, scripting, gratitude journal-ling, acting as if, an effortless way to making things happen the way you want.


The very first I tumbled upon a manifestation book was at the age of 13. Being a teenager, it was pretty natural to find out all the secrets to carve out the life one wants. But for me, at that age (times I read Percy Jackson and the immortals of Meluha) couldn’t grasp the so-called power of the human subconscious mind. Naturally, the book went under the pile of not-going-to-bother-reading-them of books.

As I aged through my college days, some of the difficult and interesting days of my life, I thought of giving that book another shot because I had nothing to lose. Reading this very book called ‘The secret’ really gave me an understanding of the power you have inside of you, especially the part where it says like attracts like. Sounds so contradicting to the concept taught in our physics class about on how like poles repel. But let’s not get mixed up here!

 The fact we all should know and understand is that it’s all in your mind, there are thousands of thoughts you think in a day, some we overthink while others we forget. But these are the thoughts that surprisingly shape of what we become later on.

 Here comes the time that I should tell you to think positively. No matter how hard life is getting on to you, you need to learn to think positively. Its tried and tested by myself. Just a simple thought of positivity. I am not saying that when you wake up the next day everything will be done the way you want it!

Start slowly, build up and you will thank me later.!


Let me tell you something that you have to understand before getting into the first practice of law of attraction. A huge part of our brain plays the subconscious mind whereas a small percentage of your brain is the conscious self.

Your subconscious cannot differentiate between a negative thought and a positive thought. Here, if you say to your self that you ‘want to stay away from bad habits, the image that your subconscious gets is the image of your bad habit. But if tweak and change that sentence a little bit, like ‘I want to develop a set of good habits’, your brain gets the image of the good habits you want to have in your life.

 Both theses sentences have a great difference in them even though the meaning conveyed is similar. Visualisation has got a major role to play as well.

 A thought can change the way you live, and the best part is you have the whole control of what you want to think and how you want your life to be. It’s you who can allow it or ignore it.

It can be difficult to start for a person who complaints and find faults (sadly it’s very usual), but when you think something negative, try your best to make sure to consciously change the way you think to something positive.

 If you keep doing it, I can guarantee that you will live the best life possible.


Keep in mind: Everything starts with just a thought. You can choose what you want to think about.

Comment down below if you are ready to take this as a part of your lifestyle.