Every one of us go through several stages of life as we grow up.Age is something that will never get decreased, instead it will keep on increasing. In this article you will something interesting to read what happens when we go through each stage of life and what really goes through in your mind.

Baby(Age 0-2)

The first stage of life. We come out from the most secured place in this world, mother’s womb, we cry when we breathe and feel the outside world. It is the first reaction that a mother sees and your mom will too cry with happiness when she sees you. Nothing in this world is most precious than mother’s womb and lap. Your mom she bears so much pain while growing you up happily. She never stops growing you the better way to stop her pain. You make noises, giggles; cry a lot and your mom will have so many sleepless nights for years. Your dad wants to be your first hero and the best people are your mom and dad.

Kid (Age 3-6)

This is the stage where you start to speak, start to crawl and you are even sent to play school. You start to learn new things. The funniest things you do is at this age. You imitate your parents especially your mom like you start talking in phone like your mom. You start to say the first words “mom”, “dad”. You join school meet new friends and play a lot at this stage the most precious ages of your life. Your skin is still like how you had when you where a baby.

Girl/Boy/Young one (Age 7-12)

You start to play a lot at this age. You lose a lot of stamina; you are very active at this stage. You get peer pressure (fight among your friends gang), lot of mischief’s and this is the stage you lose all your baby characters and you are no more a baby.

Teenager (Age 13-17)

This is teenage and get so many experiences in life. You do mistakes without knowing the fact and reality, The stage where you start giving back answers to your parents, you don’t obey what your parents tell you and you will not feel they are right. This is the stage where you give a lot of importance to your friends rather than your family. You have to obey your parents and this will be the right one than anything. Most of you will have complexion of being obes, Dark and the most known problems teenagers face is problem of acne.

Adult (From 18)

The years of being an adult is so long.

Adult (Higher studies)

You will start having and taking responsibilities. You will feel for all your past experiences and you will start knowing the reality and love your parents a lot. You will get to know what is right and what is wrong. You take life serious, choose the right career path and get trained as a profession with a will to earn.

Adult (Job)

You start earning getting into the job your wish for. And also enjoy your life, you will want to make your parents to be happy with your salary and they will be very much satisfied and happy once you are settled in life.

Adult (Marriage Age 24-27)

The age to get married after you are in a good position in life and achieved your goals. The stage where you get your life partner who is going to with you through the rest of your life. You must get matched with the correct person. You get married when your parents are going to be the happiest and very much satisfied in life after they feel that you have happy and well settled life.

Adult (Parent)

Like your parents now you will be a mom or dad to your child and have responsibilities in growing the child like your parents have grown you. You satisfy their needs and get to know them better as you have crossed all their stages

Elderly old (After 60)

This is the age where you are nearing to the ends of your life stages. Almost you will again turn like a kid. You get retired and you children will take care of you. This age could be only happier if the old one has their children taking care of them and having them in a happy life. Never let your parents down when they reach this stage. You are their only soul and Hope.

"Life has so many different chapters. One bad chapter does not mean it's the end of the book"


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Nicely described.
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