Every single creature in this world has one true love that has no flaws and breakups, and that is the love between a mother and a child. A mother sacrifices so many things for their children. She cannot bear any single pain that her child suffers from. A mother is the one who smiles with happiness bearing so much pain while giving birth to you. And she undergoes so much pain while growing you up and never worries for losing her beauty.

Many in this world are as a mom without giving birth. Your dad, your sister, your granny and anyone who cares really like your mother is your mother. It doesn’t have to be the person who gives birth to be your mother.

I know how much my mom and dad suffer to grow up me and my sister.


I love my mom endlessly. She has so many sleepless nights while growing you up. When you are ill she worries a lot and endlessly cares for you until you get cured. She sacrifices so much her dreams and all for you. Sometimes you will feel fed up of the advices that your mom gives. You will realise it one day. You will know the real value of your mother when you are far away from her.


Dad is my first superhero. He is also a mother. He never refuses in getting you what you wish for. He sweats and works a lot to grow you up happily. He strains so much for you. He never loses faith in you. Don’t try to cheat your dad. He is your second mom.


If you have an elder sister then, she is also a mother to you. She takes care of you like a mother. Her love equals a mother’s love. Even if she does not show her love to you she really loves you from inside.

The most beautiful word in this world is Mother in every language; it is the first word that every child tells. Everyone feels secured and happy when they are with their mother. Never lose respect on these people who take care of you like your mother.

Every Orphan needs a mother. You can be a mother to them. They yearn for a mother’s love. Your pets take you as your mother.

Never let your mother when she gets old. Because she has never let you down when she took care of you. When your mom turns old, Be a mom to your mom. Love her endlessly. Never make her lose her hope on you.

I completely dedicate this article to my mom and dad on this mother’s day (12-05-19). My superpower is my mom. I love you to the core mommy and daddy. My endless love is only for you.

"When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know."


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Really good
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Heart warming article <3 Can you check out my article on mothers as well
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Such a heartfelt article ..loved reading it!