Makeover…………So many people ready to gossip around about your flaws and even if you do something to hide your flaws or makeover yourself to make yourself look extravagant then again they are ready to talk about you.

You will be fond of hearing the words…too much, show off and such kind. When you step out with little makeup and dress up people want to comment on you. I have heard sorts of that so many times.

People never worry about what others tell. Do what you wish only you know what you like not others. This life is given to you and do as you wish for. If you want to wear a dark lipstick never mind what others will tell, if you like it then do it. Only they will keep on telling, think they are talking about you because you are a VIP. Because only VIPs will be talked about often.

Always a girl is commented scolded or betrayed for her dressing. T happens only to girls. Never judge a girl with her dressing. Only character matters not a dress she wears. When she feels that makeup adds her beauty let her do it. Always learn to love others and love what they do. If you are in one style that maybe her own style.

If people dislike you for your makeover it might be because of two reasons, it might be jealousy or they don’t usually get along with that style. Wear a bold lipstick, off shoulder bold eyeliner or kajal, gunshot jeans whatever you wish for. No one is gonna stop you, this is your style love your style . never change yourself for anyone’s sake.

And I am going to be in my own style. It’s a girls thing. Makeover yourself to the best look of yours. Step out with makeup coolers and all sorts of things. Next time never mind about others what they would tell about you. Just handle every situation with a smile, don’t argue or try to explain others because its none of your business. And if you too comment a girl on her looks let this be the last.

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."


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