We find it difficult to survive in today’s world where many choose set back. Each day ends with a night for some the day starts at night only. The next morning is a wish for everyone.ach and every second is precious for you, because you will not know what is going to happen the next second. Each morning is a blessing for you because you will not know if you will be alive the next morning but your are gifted and blessed with that new day. You must use it in the right way.

Life is not a normal race it is an obstacle race, Where in life you must run fast to win in the race but there will be many obstacles for you .you must either break all the obstacles or never mind the obstacles and jump over it and move on. We all know that life is not a bed of roses, then why worries. Come on this is your life no one has the rights to judge on your life. You will have so many people getting into and moving out of you life. If you are going to think of your past and weep it is a waste of time and you will not be able to win the race and those who are running with you will win it. There is something called destiny you will know once you have achieved and satisfied with something.

Never be selfish all the time help the people around you in need this will be the real success.Run in your own track don’t try to join someone’s track your destination will end different then. Do what you desire for not what others desire for. Each and every goal is achieved by a race to get good marks in school o get into a good course in a good college, to be a top ranker in college to get place in top most companies to get a good salary, to experience a good life all this is achieved only by a race. never leave your passion ,make your life interesting if you work hard now your future will be good . a simple logic live present forget past wait for your good future.

"Your only limit is you..."


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Nicely written 💯