Everyone is born in one place and brought and grown in one place. There are so many places to visit. You must wander around and discover new places. You can either go abroad for your higher studies or your job or you can get settled in abroad. You can get adopted to new cultures, learn new languages, and meet new people. Now there are some ways you can get to abroad to your dream country.

Crack the exams

Each country has its own exams to get into .India has no such exams. Anyone who has got a passport and a visa can get into India. There are exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc. These languages are English language testing languages where one must prepare for the exams in ways like speaking, listening, and writing. You must get good score in these exams only then you will get the chance to get into abroad and get settled there. You can prepare for these exams from our day to day life like speaking in English, watching English movies and channels but without subtitles , listen to English songs get to know the lyrics and also listen to BBC news. You can easily crack the exams and fly to abroad if you excel in all these.


You can get visa in different ways like tourist visa where you can visit foreign country as a tourist. If you have a very close relation then too you will get visa easily. To travel to places within India you will not need visa or passport. India is a land of different cultures within our country itself you will learn new things. When you go to other countries too you will have good experiences. You can try new foods, you can learn new cultures. Now kind of dressing, learn new languages and so on.Meeting new people is good to be in life your circle of known people will be more.

So go into places atleast once in life. You are not born just to be isolated in place where you are.Discover places and fly around freely.Dont have a contented life.

"Great things never come from comfort zones."