Dare to dream

The first and foremost thing you must do is, you must dream getting into IIM. Dare to dream. Only when you wish for something, you will get it, and the ease and thirst to get into it will make you achieve it. There is nothing wrong in dreaming it if you want to achieve it.

Develop writing skills

You must crack the CAT exam first to get into it. It has reasoning and non- reasoning questions to attend. To test your English skills you will be provided with the reading comprehension and essay writing questions. Practice writing and develop your skills.

Master in the interview

You will be interviewed and do it with much confidence. Because you will be most probably selected by the way you are confident than the way you will be able to answer. Attend it with much confidence. The stage is all yours .Opportunities are always given only once, don’t miss it, Make use of it and impress the interviewer.

Develop you knowledge skills

You will have a long way to go and it is according to your skills only. Even some students after scoring 99.9% in CAT exam, that is because of their lack in general skills and even if they get selected they miss out in the interview. People who really have the urge to get into IIM work hard in all the ways such that you will be moulded in all the ways.

Once you get into IIM too it is not easy, you will have to express your talents. You must work hard tirelessly for two years. Because you have chosen it as your platform for your career and so you must work for it to pursue your dreams.

Once you have decided to do management studies, IIM is the best place offering you with good placements and salary packages. Don’t free up your mind after getting into IIM that you have got into it and your responsibilities are over, only after you get into it you will have to work a lot. Beautiful things always don’t come easily. It is true that you will feel stressed, but once when you have chosen to achieve you must work for it.

Life is a race , you must run working for it. Dream much so that you will want to work for it. It adds to your name if you are an IIM graduate. So desire and work for it.

All the best to all those who are dreaming IIM and getting into the CAT exams.

"Start where you are... Use what you have... Do what you can..."


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