When we move on a daily basis there are so many things we do. Some of us do it in a routine whereas some do it as such when time goes without any regular schedule. Here are some things that every one of us can start or do it in our daily life to lead a healthy and happy life.


Don’t forget god every day it’s up to you if you believe in god or not. Each day when you wake up thank god for giving you this day. Because you would not know it when you sleep the before day if you will wake up the next day and lead your life. And for your day to be good.


As soon as you wake up brush your teeth and drink a glass full of water, this can keep your internal organs fresh and clean. Or you can even try some detoxifying drinks. Prefer to drink one glass of hot water which will be the best one.Drink 2 to 3 litresof water a day.


Exercise daily without fail. Do it at least for 30 to 45 minutes. This will help you keep fit and healthy. This will make your mind fresh and healthy. Walks in the morning can keep your mind fresh hen you breathe in fresh air.


Morning sunlight is something that you will not get even if you pay a lump of amount. This is good for your eyes, skin and your body. The sun light that you get from the time the sun rises till 11 in the morning is only good for all these.

Food habits

Breakfast is very important to be taken. Never skip your breakfast because it is something that you take every morning. After almost so many hours of rest to your internal organs and so many hours of your last food breakfast is something that you are going to have. So this is important for you to lead the rest of your day. You can have breakfast between 7 to 9.

Brunch is something that you can have between your breakfast and lunch. You can have some fresh juice or some simple snacks. Best time to have brunch is 11.

Lunch can be had from 12 to 2. Always eat healthy food. There are so many kinds of food that can be had as lunch.

Evening snacks can be had along with some drink. You can have your snack at 4.
Dinner is also important. Never eat too much for dinner. Have your dinner before 3 hours of your sleep so that it will get digested.

Food should be healthy add greeny vegetables and fruits to your diet. Don’t try fast foods often and fried foods too. Have your breakfast like King. You Lunch like a Queen. And you dinner like a minister of the king.


Have some walks in the evening. Be always with your loved ones. Laugh everyday which is the best medicine. Play any indoor or outdoor game so that you mind could be fresh. Always love your parents forever as they loved you. Keep your mind fresh.


Feel for the problems and cry for it but not again for the same reason. Always find a way to keep yourself happy. Having your loved ones around you will make you the happiest person. Move away from the things and people those don’t need you and try to find solutions for problems. There is no problem free person.


Get entertained either by watching movies. Follow your passion. Even you get into your profession never give up on your passion like dance arts skills so on.


Don’t be lazy and don’t get your days wasted. Find the perfect reason why you are brought to this world. Achieve something. Get into the best job.Always balance your work and life.


Knowledge is power not money. It will give hands to you always. Gain knowledge read a lot of books and gets to know the daily news and al.


Sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. As you work the same way you will need some rest to move your life the next day. End your day again with a prayer by thanking and wishing god for a new day again.

Remember you are brought into this world for a reason. Love your days reasonably. Love your life. Have a healthy and happy life. Keep the places around you clean to have a healthy and fresh environment. Follow all these to have a blessed life. There are still more that you must follow but I have given only some of the things to be followed.

"Setting goal is the first step into turning the invisible into the visible."


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