Top 6 Tips For Vacation Skincare

Marie Nieves
Aug 27, 2019   •  5 views

When we travel and spend time on vacation, our skin can suffer. The change in climate, traveling, and the fact we don't use the proper care are the biggest problems. Having said all this, it is important to know how to adjust skin care during a vacation, and the following tips can help.

A mandatory SPF

If your holiday happens to be during the summer, an SPF is the most important. Keep in mind that you should use the one designed for your face, not your body. This will prevent your skin from becoming damaged from the sun and will keep it nicely tanned, and not red and peeling. You can even get a lip balm with SPF since your lips can burn as well.

Use natural face washes

Bringing a face wash to your vacation is also a must. You will probably spend a lot of time outside, sightseeing and walking, which means that your face will get dirty and oily during the day, especially if it's hot. Face washes will help remove those impurities and keep your skin nice and clean. It is important to use natural skin care, which keeps your skin safe, and it lessens the chances of breakouts, irritation, or redness. If you have dry or sensitive skin, definitely check out cream face washes, while for oily and normal skin we would recommend the gel ones.

Deep clean using an exfoliant

Bringing a scrub with you may seem like an unnecessary thing, but if you want your skin to be clear, fresh, and radiant, it’s an important step. You can get mini packages, which are practical to travel with. Use it once in a few days to remove the layer of dead cells from your face, because this can cause your makeup to be uneven and patchy, and what is more important, it can cause acne, blackheads and many more problems. Active charcoal with sugar is the most popular one for your face, and it is pretty natural as well.

Hydrate your skin using face masks

Using face masks in the plane, or during your vacation can significantly improve the condition of your skin. All the traveling can leave it looking dull, tired and lifeless, but face masks will bring back the glow and hydration to it. Sheet masks are the best choice for this, because they are hydrating, and soft on your skin. Another great tip is to get gel undereye patches, which will help with puffiness and eye bags after traveling or jet lag.

Provide daily care using a moisturizer

Face creams are a mandatory part of every skincare routine, and they should be there when traveling as well. However, keep in mind that you should adjust your skincare to the place you are traveling to. If you are going on a summer vacation, choose a hydrating, but light moisturizer that will not sit too heavy on your face. However, winter holidays do require extra care, so make sure your face cream is rich. Apply it in the morning after cleaning your face. If you are using SPF, put it on before your moisturizer. That way, all the active ingredients in it will do what they are supposed to do.

Don’t use new products

Now that we have explained all the products you should use, and how you should use them, it is worthwhile mentioning that your vacation is not the time you want to experiment with new products. Stick to your normal routine as much as you can because you risk having a bad reaction to the new product. If you need to, just add a bit more moisture and hydration and leave everything else pretty much the same.

A vacation skincare routine should be based on natural, light products that are gentle and caring for your skin. The steps mentioned here are important to keep your skin fresh, radiant, and clean, so make sure you get those travel sizes and bring all those products.