How To Increase Brand Awareness With Traditional Marketing

Marie Nieves
Sep 26, 2019   •  4 views

Although we live in the age of the internet, you can’t only rely on digital marketing to increase your brand awareness. Traditional marketing still does the trick and if you want your business to succeed, combining both of these types of marketing is a must. But how exactly do you use traditional marketing to give your brand awareness a boost? Here are five tricks that are guaranteed to work.

Hand out business cards

Ask any professional out there and they’ll tell you that the business world is all about first impressions. The first few minutes you spend talking to potential customers can determine whether they’ll buy from you or not. Moreover, it also decides whether they’ll keep coming back and recommend your business to their friends and family. With that said, handing out business cards when talking to a potential customer is a great idea. Design cool business cards and make sure both you and your staff members hand them out whenever possible.

If you want to increase your brand awareness, it’s important to create an image of success and authority for your company. One of the best ways to do this is to sponsor a local event. Just think about it, not only will the whole audience get a chance to see your logo and learn about your business but they’ll also trust you to meet their expectations. The bigger the event, the more press and mentions will your business get, which is why you should always keep an eye for local events that are about to be hosted.


Give away promotional products

Promotional products have always been the perfect tool for helping your brand gain some attention. It’s a fact that people love getting stuff for free and they’ll gladly use any item you decide to give away. All you need to do is put your logo on these things and you can be assured they’ll remember you the next time they need the product you sell. Not to mention that they can help you generate buzz about your brand. For example, items such as promotional backpacks can serve as an excellent medium for getting your logo noticed.

Give cold calling a go

Many business owners believe that there’s no point in making cold calls. However, cold calling is still extremely effective, especially when it comes to getting your brand noticed. Talking to a potential customer over the phone isn’t just an opportunity to sell your product but to tell them more about your business as well. If you use digital marketing as well, a cold call is a perfect opportunity to tell them about your website and give them a reason to browse your products online.


Start a buddy system

You’re not the only business owner out there looking for ways to increase brand awareness. In fact, chances are there are a number of businesses in your vicinity that wants to get their brand noticed as well and teaming up with some of them can turn out to be an amazing idea. Instead of having to spend money on marketing, all you need to do is recommend your buddy’s business to your customers and they’ll do the same for. When looking for businesses for your buddy system, make sure you focus on companies in your industry other than your competitors.

Final thoughts

Traditional marketing is still extremely effective and the five tricks covered in this post are exactly what you need in order to get your brand noticed. Keep improving your brand and there should be nothing stopping you from building a large base of loyal customers.