A Simple Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Marie Nieves
Oct 13, 2019   •  4 views

While it can be tempting to head out and buy every single piece of clothing that catches our eyes, if we acted on this impulse, we would soon be buried under a mountain of clothes. Instead of buying a million different pieces, wouldn’t it be wiser to own fewer clothes and to focus instead on the versatility and quality of clothes? Creating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be a challenge, even if you’re not exactly sure what goes with what. We have prepared a small guide to help you create a simple and elegant autumn capsule wardrobe:

Stylish tops

If you live someplace warm, you don’t have to pile up on chunky sweaters, but if your country is colder and your autumns are long and rainy, it would be a good idea to have a few warmer pieces too. Versatility is the key here, so you need several pieces that you can combine: a classic striped tee will never go out of style, and a silk shirt is a good idea too, as it can be worn underneath or on its own. A cute white top, chambray, and a plaid button-up will look good too and can be worn with different bottoms and accessories.


Versatile bottoms

Before you head out and throw out or donate 90% of your clothes, you need to think about a few practical things; for example, how’s the weather at your part of the country (or the world)? You don’t have to wear only two pairs of jeans, but you don’t have to have a pair for every day of the week either. Skinny jeans are a good idea, but you could also go with leather leggings if you want. Ankle jeans are popular too, and ponte pants are the best for a more formal occasion. You can also pick a mini skirt or a pencil skirt, depending on what you like best.

Elegant accessories

Accessories are what makes or breaks your minimalist wardrobe, and you should pick them carefully. Scarves are the best because you can stay stylish as well as warm with them, and you can pick thin silk ones for accents or chunky wool ones that will keep you warm. Classy watches for women are also a good idea because they add elegance to any outfit, be it business or casual, and warm hats are great if you live in cold areas. A simple leather handbag goes a long way too – it matches pretty much every outfit perfectly.


Perfect outerwear

Once again, outerwear depends on where you live and what the weather is like in autumn. If you don’t have many dry, sunny days, investing in warm outerwear is a good idea. Cardigans, jackets, coats and trench coats are going to be your best friends, so pick them carefully. Cardigans are great if you find sweaters to be too restrictive, and you shouldn’t shy away from investing in a good trench because it can be an outfit in itself! Warm camel coats are also popular but don’t be scared to buy one in navy, gray, or even red.

The best shoes

Even though shoes are the one thing that changes most drastically from one season to another, you should invest in pieces that will be able to last long. Basically, you need three go-to pairs that match pretty much everything: good ankle boots, stylish and comfy ballet flats, and simple loafers. Of course, there is nothing wrong with adding sneakers and knee-high boots to the mix too, as sneakers are worn with skirts and dresses too, and knee-high boots are lifesavers during the rainy season. Whatever you choose, make sure that your footwear is of high-quality.


Capsule wardrobes are great for several reasons: they will allow you to save space in your wardrobe and to save money in the long run. What is more, you will ultimately learn how to improvise and piece together an amazing outfit without having to go out and buy something new. You will soon feel confident enough in your clothes that you won’t have to follow trends blindly and instead of buying and owning a heap of clothes, you will own less but be able to do more with them.



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