Methodology In Searching Jobs For Mechanical Engineers...

Mantripragada Surya Karthik
Jul 16, 2019   •  8 views

Hello Everyone,

While scrolling my news feed in facebook yesterday, i had come across my childhood friend. Immediately I sent him the request and he accepted. After a small online chat, we had decided to meet today. We met today, had a hug and started recollecting our childhood memories. Meanwhile, our topic has shifted to our professional lives. His Qualification is BTECH in Mechanical engineering.

I asked about his professional life and present condition. I came to know that he is planning to start a job consultancy firm especially for jobless mechanical engineers who are interested to work only in their core domain. I asked him about the general criteria that has to be followed in searching jobs to which he replied as follows....

  1. After completion of your graduation, you should wait till the results are out. Meanwhile, If possible travel to any place with friends.

  2. If you want a job in your core field, you need to do a lot of back work. Because Outside world is entirely different from theoretical studies.

  3. Don't be hurry in taking any course. It's better to visit all the industrial areas in your or any one of the metropolitan cities where you feel there will be companies of your core field.

  4. Let you first go to the industrial area and note down the companies you came through. Then come to home and google each and every company you had noted. This step will give you a basic idea on industries.

  5. Since you are a fresher, maximum send your resume to each and every company you had noted. Send to HR or any info mail Ids. By the completion of this step you can now understand the industrial requirements.

  6. After that, select few companies ( big or small ) based on your understanding and visit those companies and submit the hard copy of your resume at the security.

  7. Repeat above steps in every industrial area.

After few weeks, you may get atleast few calls. Attend those interviews and then

" decide to upgrade your skill by taking course".

If possible, search professionals of your domain in linkedin and try to connect with them. Also please note down the companies which they had previously worked. Try to coordinate with your seniors and don't leave any references.

The above process may take time, but most probably you may get your desired job.....

Never loose your hope and always have patience with you.

It's always better to work hard at FIRST for getting relaxed at NEXT.