Radhanagar Beach : The Most Beautiful Beach At Havelock Island

Mansi Rohilla
May 12, 2019   •  42 views

Why Radhanagar beach makes a cut? :

Aside from the tropical forest with endogenous fauna at Havelock Island, you can just fly and flop - for there is an enviable beach - Radhanagar beach.

(Picture source :www.unlockholidays.in)

The second cleanest sea beach water across Asia to gaze through and happy- fun sports facilities like volleyball net to keep things lively.

You can sit safely by the beach stretching your body out. Moreover, such blissful beach which is just ashore to vivid tropical trees offers you a phenomenal vibe for any activity to carry by, whether sports, yoga, or any kind of exercise.

Stretching for well over more than a kilometer as it snakes its way to the beach seashore makes it a seemingly infinite beach, although, limited coastline is available for the tourist to stroll by.

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I still remember the time when out of so excitement to explore the beach and to find the place where crowd won't appear at the picture in the background, I along with my sister got too far from the beach until only after we realised we've been warned and whistled away not to cross the coastline any further from the marked line strangled at the beach.

But such restraints are very likely not to jolt your vacay vibes apart as the beach has a lot of blistering experience to offer to its every tourist coming by.

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Well how about a dive through the hidden marine life? That is up for grab too!

Located within a few kilometers ride is located a scuba diving spot. If you are a great swimmer and lovewhat marine life has to swoon your mind inside out, this is the perfect way to enjoy the Havelock Islands. And if you are not a great swimmer but you want to feel what it takes and feels like to really experience this mind- boggling experience,you can indulge in a scuba dive experience where an instructor will guide you. It is just an extraordinary experience and everyone can indulge in it to experience the diverse marine life.

How to reach at Havelock from Port Blair?

There are different types of cruise facilities available, from costing higher to lesser. Generally , costly cruise will provide you with music facilities to which you can jazz out dancing while you enjoy the serene beauty of sea stretched to horizon. This fun experience is even more a lively deal when you shake it up all people surrounding you alike.

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