Every one in life have certain consequences irrespective of gender, community,caste, surroundings,lifestyle.

What leads them to consequences?

A human is composed of dust who is just going to be the dust after all.When a human being is able to control all the seven chakras, he/she is full flexible and ready to face any consequences of life.

Every person come across the feeling love.Love is a pure bliss. Love doesn't mean the wrong feeling. It is a emotion that is between mom and daughter,student and a teacher,between siblings, even a care u show for a little dog is love.

As we all know,a little girl putting up all the effort to kiss her dad is a perfect definition of love as of me.

Let me take the love which is between a boy and a girl which is been considered a universal mistake by all the parents.

Loving your partner doesn't mean showing care, helping them in needs, controlling them to be part of you always, never letting them to be theirselves, being with them 24/7,talking to them all the way through phone,finding faults.

It is a feeling that you understand them better than anyone else.

It is a feeling where you be happy with their achievements.

It is a feeling when you let them their way and be a moral support and be a sparkle.

It is feeling where you accept your mistakes and consider your partner suggestions.

when you meet your partner after days and you feel it in the eyes. Of course it is love!!

Love is not only about sex. It is a not a way of touching bodies but touching the soul.

Now a days, people say none loves truly,everyone is faking up, etc.,

Every relationship has a point where both will be happy with they do and their partner does.

Love is where they understand the point. I bet only 1 out of 10 has the capabilities to understand.