A Guide To Writing Various Types Of University Assignments

Lorena Disuja
Dec 21, 2019   •  14 views

Universities assign you different types of assignments, and each has its own structure and features. Assignment help experts recommend that you should always check the requirements and purpose of the assignment before you start drafting your papers.


The professionals who provide online assignment help collaborated to prepare this extensive list of the various types of assignments you are assigned in universities.

Go through this blog to get acquainted with them right away:

® Case Study

Students often look for instant help in their assignments on case studies, as in most cases, they fail to differentiate between the elements of a case study and a research paper. While research papers rely heavily on statistical analysis, case studies are often undertaken to determine the areas for additional exploration and research. They are often referred interchangeably with field study, ethnography, and participant observation.

® Clinical Trial assignment

These types of assignments are often assigned in the arenas of medical and health treatments. Experts who provide assignment helper explain that to prepare these academic papers, you must conduct an experiment on a small group of people or to evaluate the effectiveness of a new treatment or medication.

This involves trying differing dosages and new applications of existing treatments and jotting down the results.

® Correlation Study

These studies help students evaluate the relationship between different variables and determine whether there is a negative correlation, a positive correlation, or no correlation between them at all.

Professional assignment help providers have observed that students generally get confused between the factors affecting a positive correlation or negative correlation and hence lose a considerable amount of marks. In case you are not aware of the process of conducting a correlation study, you can seek help from the experts to clear your doubts.

® Longitudinal Study

A longitudinal study is a form of epidemiological study, which follows a few subjects over a prolonged period of time. Students need to prepare questionnaires and repeatedly analyze the samples of the data gathered during the time of the study.

These studies are often used to determine the pattern of a disease or a problem to identify suitable solutions.

Sometimes colleges also assign you to assignments on a meta-analysis of statistical processes. Read extensively and visit your school library to develop your understanding of the various forms of assignments. Once you acquire in-depth knowledge of all forms of assignments, you will be able to draft them with confidence.

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