Children are often asked this question. What do they want to become when they grow up? What do they want to achieve in life? Frankly speaking, I am at an age where I should have found the answer. But unfortunately, I haven’t figured anything out. I seem to go with the flow, attend classes, study for the exam and move to the next academic year. I wanted to figure it out, but the things to be done at the moment seem to be much more important than the question and I guess, I never paid that much attention to it.

Is it okay to be confused about this until now? Not sure. But I always hear, “no problem you will figure it out, everything is going to be ok”. Every time someone tells me this, my inner voice says ‘stop lying’, because I can’t seem to decide anything and people just half-heartedly try to understand you. Also, nothing is going to be ok. It is quite common for people to give such advice before you do anything, and then criticize you when you fail. So, trust me when I say that no one wants to hear such replies and wants such comfort, if you really want to help, give some suggestions or just honestly say that you are not sure if you don’t know anything.

Moving on, the answer to this question would have been easier to figure out if I had a passion or a hobby. Well, I don't have any of them. So, I did some searching and reading. I read about many people, who switched careers after working in one field for a long time, others who studied for one specialization and ended up taking another path. So, it gave me some relief. As it has been said, “it’s never late to do anything”. It is not like everything is easy to figure out in life.But that doesn’t provide any assurance. You still have to start somewhere.

There are some ways for you and me to start searching for the answer to the question. It has been said that, first you have to make a list of the career options which you like; again this is hard if you don’t have anything in mind, but you will at least have one option which draws your interest. If you do, you are off to a good start. After you have some options in mind, do research on each option, so that you get a clear idea about what it really is. By doing so, you will know whether that job will be correct for you or not. Take the negatives and positives into consideration. Having selected some of the best options, work towards them. Also, carefully think about the pros and cons of the path you are selecting. You can also consult a career counsellor, for better understanding.

To me, this seems to be a fairly good way to get started. Since, I don’t have any idea at all. I’m not sure it will give me any output. But I’m sure in the process I might find something that was not noticed by me earlier, and will help me answer this “easy” question.