Love for me for the first time is a magic, But in real it's so called a 'Puppy Love'.

It started at my very young age and made me feel like millions of butterflies flying inside me.....So kiddish.

Made me feel like this is so called 'True Love'...., But in real it was just a kind of feeling less than Love.

People never understand what is Love untill they really feel it, live it or may be passed it once a while. In my life,It just passed once giving so much of pain, made me completely nothing, heart full of depression and finally, lack of trust in everything.

Love for me, Now is completely a fake one and I ruined myself for what I thought was True love. At that time of love I was so high and also only because of it lost many of my Good Friends......

A knid of mad, who could do anything for one-person, thought that the whole life was him, He meant so much to me then anything else, and finally nothing too...

With a complete heart-broken by a trickster, passed many of my months in tears.... usually, the person who acts like I am not a cry-person would more likely experienced it. And so it happend to me and made me act like that with almost everyone....... Acting at particularly one place was so hard to me is my Home.

Too much of depression will eventually make us addicted to something right. So In my case, It made me addicted to Tears..... But, was so secret like a drowned ship in an ocean.....

Just because it didn't work for me, It was so bad only to fishy!. I shouldn't hated it so much, but that was I did.

Love for me is nothing and, Life moved on as it has to..... I mensturated with the time and, Survived with a dark life...... The things was so hard to me and, Felt the hell in every second I lived...... But, It shouldn't be end like this right?. As time passed (many months) .....

One fine day.....I felt it again in someone!

The so called "True Love" and, happened to me again.....

It came, Stood in front of me, wished me, wanted me, shown me, and finally, made me feel it, but not in the way it was on my past.

My worries, Insecurities, fake-living and almost all of my problems were bursted and life became so normal to me. Is that a magic?... It's called Love.

Does in Real Love the magic exist?.... Totally confused!... At that time, I prayed god for the only thing, never to swinder me again. The life I wished at many nights with lots of cries at the bathroom and loud tap noise to hide my sound of cry was only thing..... It was Him.

He was my not my everything. but still he was the one I wished. We were,The perfect partners-in-evrything........ I thanked god for everything as well as for Him and for what happend to me on my past.

Now, Love for me is like a MAGIC!... Babe, I thank you for everything you gave me...... You shown me the value of me to myself...... You were the reason for this to get publised.....

Finally, Love For Me is HIM.