How To Make Your Bhutan Trip Memorable

Kriti A
May 16, 2020   •  14 views

Located in the lap of Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is probably one of the most beautiful and exotic locations one can visit! It is a Buddhist kingdom; famous for its culture, monasteries, fortresses and eye-pleasing landscapes and valleys. Also, Bhutan is one of the most economical and affordable locations to plan a holiday trip too! Bhutan holiday packages start from merely INR10000 per Person per Day.  One may think that there is not much to do in a nature and pilgrimage driven place like Bhutan but there are various ways one can make his/her trip to Bhutan memorable-

  • Camping- Camping is a wonderful activity in itself but when it is experienced amidst the greenery and landscapes of Bhutan; it becomes mesmerizing than ever. Living in a camp in a quiet atmosphere seems like a dream to most people living in metropolitan cities; but places like Gangtey, Lhuentse, Punakha, Tingtibi, Limukha, etc. have made this dream come true.

  • Visit Monasteries- Monasteries are prominent among the characteristic features of Bhutan. So, visiting at least one monastery in Bhutan becomes a must! Taktsang Palphug Monastery in Paro is among the most popular ones in Bhutan. This temple built in 1692, surrounds the Tatsung Senge Samdup cave. It is believed that this cave was the home for Guru Padmasambhava for a course of three years during his meditation. There are numerous other monasteries for those who wish to lose themselves in the pilgrims of Bhutan like Punakha Dzong, Gangteng Monastery, Phajoding Monastery, Chagri Dorjeden Monastery, etc.

  • Festivities in Bhutan- The rich and intense heritage and culture of Bhutan include a large number of festivals that are quite different and separable from the festivals of the rest of the world. Thimpu Tshechu festival is the main and most celebrated festival of Bhutanese culture. The national festival of Bhutan takes place during a course of 3 days in which people dance, wear colorful masks, and enjoy their time! A unique festival celebrated here is the Punakha Drubchen and Tshechu festival; during this, the military officers re-enact the scenes from the Tibetan Army Battle of 17th century.

  • Trekking- The most adventurous and promising experience offered by the land of Bhutan is its trekking locations. The diverse and numerous treks in Bhutan have made it a new favorite of trekkers all over the world. Druk Path Trek, Duer Hot Springs Trek, Samtengang Winter Trek, Wild East Rodung La trek make for some of the most inviting trekking locations in Bhutan.

  • Food- One of the main objectives of traveling is trying different cuisines and food and Bhutan leaves no stone unturned in offering the same! Traditional Bhutanese food consists of delicacies like Ema Datshi, Phaksha Paa, Dumplings, Red Rice, and much more. Beverages are a prominent part of Bhutanese cuisine; Ara is an alcoholic beverage consumed in Bhutan.

These were just some ways one can make his/her Bhutan trip memorable. Other activities to enjoy in Bhutan includes shopping, seeing the art and architecture, learning local languages, etc. The list is never-ending!