4 Winter Backyard Maintenance Tips

Kevin Jefferson
Nov 20, 2019   •  2 views

If the winter’s right around the corner and you can already see its frosty breath slowly creeping toward your town over from the nearby hillock, you’ll have to prepare hot chocolate, cinnamon sticks, candy, and dust off that old How the Grinch Stole Christmas DVD in order to welcome the new season the proper way.

And, also, you’ll need to wrap any exposed pipes in your backyard.

As well as ensure that your gutters are clean before the icy weather takes hold of everything.

There’s work to do, indeed, so it’s not all Jim Carrey in a green suit acting less hyperactive than he normally does sans the suit.

It is certainly worth making an effort to protect your backyard ere the winter comes. If you fail to do this, you may encounter some nasty surprises come spring.

So, in this article, we’re going to give you some backyard maintenance tips, so you can have a clearer idea of what areas you need to pay attention to lest you end up with a flood when the first snow thaws. You can make a to-do checklist out of these tips if it’s easier for you to navigate through them.

Right then, here’s the deal, folks.

1) Prepare the Lawn for the Winter


When winter arrives, plants and other living beings suffer the brunt of this season’s cold and icy weather. So, to ensure there's still a green lawn to look forward to in the spring, you should take certain steps to protect it during the winter.

To do this, the first step would be to thoroughly rake and water the lawn, so that the soil can get air. Also, the raking will mix it all up, which is a good thing to do with dirt now and again as it helps with fertility.

After you’ve done this, you can plant some special cold-weather grass seeds. Just make sure to spread these evenly, because if you spill too much of it on one spot, you’ll end up with unsightly mounds of grass you, your kids, and your pet will be tripping over all the time.

2) Protect Outdoors Pipes

We’ve already mentioned this one in the introduction to this article.

If there’s one season of the year that’s unusually cruel to pipes and other exposed tubular objects such as water hoses – it’s the brute old winter.

Let’s say you forgot to empty the excess water from your backyard hose. Come winter, that water is going to freeze, expand within the hose, make the thing as brittle as a branch, and if you step on it accidentally while going to the shack to get your snow shovel – you're now a homeowner ready to plow throw the front entrance snow, but minus a water hose.

Pipes are, of course, tougher than hoses, but can break just the same, provided its cold enough outside and there’s water in them that hasn’t been removed on time.

3) Check Doors and Windows for Leaks


Even small holes in your doors and windows can create problems for you if there’s some accumulated snow on them and then it begins thawing before you had the chance to clean it off.

Now, all that water may be heading right into your living room, thus creating a proper mini flood you’ll have to take care of. The stuff of nightmares, indeed.

To make sure such a foul destiny doesn’t befall you, make sure your window panes and doors are leak-proof and well-sealed.

4) Prevent Ice Dams

… that happen to form on your roof under the right conditions.

The thing is, if one part of your loft is well-heated and insulated, the snow above that part will thaw more quickly than the snow on the edges, which can create additional pressure on that part of your roof.

This can not only be a problem because of the sheer weight of the snow and ice that accumulates on this spot, but it can also overwhelm your gutters when it all starts turning into water.

To prevent this, insulate the entirety of your loft equally and don’t miss the eaves, either. The same goes for the rest of your house, by the way. If you want to save money on heating bills, you can insulate your house walls or even clad them with timber if you want. It’s the protective effect that matters.

The bottom line, ensuring your backyard is ready for the winter is all about preparation.

If you’ve prepared everything well, once this frosty season finally arrives, all you have to do amounts to simply scooping up snow off the objects in your backyard, making sure the window panes aren’t over-encumbered with snow and ice, and Bob’s your uncle.