A while ago something really tragic happened to me. I lost my wallet. Hey! I’m a student living in a new city all alone, it is tragic to me! So, like any random teenager, I freaked out big time and made a huge deal about it. I hung around posters with a picture of my wallet telling people to contact me... No, I didn’t do that, but I did the teenager equivalent of that, I spammed all the group messages that I was a part of. It was a rough period of my life, I was literally broke for two weeks. I had no cash on me and my ATM card was in the wallet. So, had to go to all of my friends and be like “Dude, gimme money!”

The weird part was that I got a text message on Facebook saying that “I found your wallet” i thought it was a total scam like the guy who messaged me, his name sounded really random and made up. Creepy? Oh! it gets creepier, against all of my better judgement I asked him where could I come to collect it and believe me the place he said was at least thirty mins away. By this point I was freaked out, so like a sane normal person... I continued talking to him. I asked him all such questions to verify if he actually had the wallet or not at the same time sent screenshots to all our messages to my friend, you know she was supposed to tell me when to block him.

Then an idea came to me, which may have been what my friend suggested, but hey! My story, my idea! I asked him a photo of my wallet. So now if he actually had my wallet, he had to send a picture of it right? Or just simply stop chatting with me cause by now he had all my bank info passwords and everything. What did he say was utter ridiculous! He asked if he could ask me questions about my wallet and I was like... (pause) the wallet has my driving license, aadhar card, atm card, all sorts of ID on it, he contacted me because he saw my name on these cards! Like the only thing that was not in my wallet was my janam kundali. He could have matched the 36 gun and be like Hey, 36 out of 36, want to marry, also I have your wallet.

So, I gave him the info and then he sent me a picture of the wallet, it was my wallet! I count that as a victory!



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Hahahaha! That's kinda hilarious...but congrats for the wallet. It's rare to find something which is long lost and that too, two weeks!