Do You Live With An Introvert? Find Out Now!!!

Kayenat Patil
May 21, 2019   •  246 views

Hey! You, yes you reading this, who else can I possibly be talking to? Do you think your roommate is weird? No? Then you’re the weird one... Ha! Just kidding, you are fine. It’s your roommate that’s strange. Here's a list of things that will prove that your roommate is an introvert. So, hang on tight, because you obviously are the extrovert of the house.

1. Social Quota

Just like a vampire or a werewolf or any mythical creature, you only see your roommate at a particular time of the day. When you see them, they most likely don’t acknowledge you and wait for you to approach towards them, just like the wild. As spooky as it seems, yes, that’s what introversion looks like. They even sneak up on you at times and creep the hell out of you, strange? Nope, introvert! Your roommate has even disappeared on you, as if they puffed out of thin air. Hey, if they can magically appear, they can magically disappear, it’s a proven science.

2. Delivery > Picking it up yourself

No matter how much the delivery cost is and no matter how close the shop is, this is one battle they participate in and win! What is more annoying is that they won’t even attend the door bell when their food arrives! Or bother asking if you want something, they will crawl up to you, take the food and disappear into their room. The only time they opt out of delivery is if you are going out to collect it and, do they accompany you? You guessed it, Hell No!

3. Text me, don’t call me

When ever a problem has presented itself, the most obvious thing is to call that person rather than texting right? You need answers ASAP so you can return to procrastinating, but that’s a different article all together. So, when you require immediate help you call, that is what you’re generally supposed to do, but what happens? The call goes straight to voice mail or they cut the call and then you get a text saying 'sup?' Blood boiling, isn’t it?

4. Do you want to go out tonight? Me time is best time

There are some creatures that move in packs, protecting their own, foraging for food and shelter and then there are the lone wolves, who despite knowing that they are going to be doomed if they stay alone, choose to stay alone. Say you want to go out to a fine restaurant and have dinner, you’ll make some calls text a few people and ask if they’d like to accompany you, basic instinct, “What if someone sees me having dinner alone!” Nope, not our introverts, they will waltz through restaurants alone and make the best of their time alone.

Introverts may be good or bad, but at least they don’t make you feel like the weirder one out of the bunch. Well what do I know? I’m an extreme extrovert who cant shut herself up for more than two minutes.