Save Our Children From Technology

Kayenat Patil
Jun 18, 2019   •  223 views

In the current scenario, the mental age of children is way beyond their actual age. Children are widely attracted to technology, often ignoring something way more important, being a child. There was a two-year-old in China who knew how to operate an iPad, probably before he learned to say “dada”. This may be a proud thing for a lot of people, but honestly, it saddens me. The child could merrily crawl away and be the center of attention by just being a normal baby, but the fact that he knows how an iPad works. That's what gets him attention is just upsetting.

To stop children from growing up too fast, I would like to introduce a new law called the “No screen law”. This law would enforce that no child till the age of seven would be exposed to any form of screen (Such as Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets) and televisions till the age of five, as cartoons are an integral part of childhood and television is a simple device to understand, which can be used to introduce technology slowly, one step at time. By doing this, children would have the patience of waiting through advertisements rather than binge watching the entire show on YouTube. Although technology is growing rapidly and everyone is expected to be at their top game when it comes to Arduino and IOT, let us exclude children from this.

At least then, they can actually go play on the playgrounds which are generally used as a parking lot, instead of a play station. It would help in the reduction of obesity and the future generations wouldn’t be plagued by spectacles in their early childhood. At home, adults could keep their phones away so that they can actually spend time with their family and talk for a change rather than tapping away on their respective devices.In classes, from pre-school teachers to primary school teachers could keep their phones in their staff rooms at all teaching hours. These are just a few implementations of this law, but with eager and enthusiastic minds this law can be formulated and hopefully come into action.

It can actually be done, if we really put our heart into it. We don’t have to enforce it per se, but we can implement it. Things tend to turn out well if they aren’t introduced as laws but a healthy challenge. It’s the youth, they have to be taken care of, for our brighter future.



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