I Stopped Coke For A Month And This Is What Happened! Humor

Kayenat Patil
Jun 20, 2019   •  212 views

I am addicted. I am addicted to coke. No, not the snorting kind! If it were that I wouldn’t be announcing that publicly! Who do you think I am? Drunk Rakhi Savant commenting on Sri Devi? Okay, back to something less serious, addiction. Disclaimer, The writer of this story realizes that addiction is something really serious, and shouldn’t be joked about. But also realizes that in this uptight world, some humor is extremely necessary for some smileys.

Continuing the story, I started drinking coke when I was... honestly the details are a little fuzzy, that tends to happen a lot. So anyway, I started young and it was only at (birthday) parties. I promised myself that I would only use, I mean drink at occasions, but then one day when I was at the grocery store, I saw... a bottle. It was a giant bottle. My eyes couldn’t stop staring at the bottle. My legs felt like they had a brain of their own as they started making their way to the rack of several other bottles. They had all sorts of varieties; you name it they had it! Diet, Zero calorie, cans, glass bottles, tiny cans but not the cherry kind, who drinks that? But anyway, my eyes where set on that giant 2.25 l bottle of regular soda, none of that no sugar crap. After asking my parents, I picked up the bottle and trolled away merrily.

From one drink a day to a bottle a day, I kept pounding a drink after drink after drink. I couldn’t stop, I felt like I was free after two drinks. Food tasted amazing and unburnt with my drink. I felt like the world was mine and that I could concur anything. Coke gave me that power. This sugary drink started controlling me, I got irritable when I was sober, things felt wrong.I decided that I had to stop. I had to give away my ray of hope, um... bottle of hope. So, I stopped. Form almost 2 bottles a day, to no bottles, not even a sip. It didn’t help that my friends were drinking it, in front of me. It took every ounce of my energy to not reach out and hold that glass in my hand and take a little sip. Just a single delicious sip, what? No! I’m fine, I so do not feel like grabbing my keys and heading to the nearest grocery store. Ha ha... that’s me laughing nervously.

So now I’m at 10 days sober, a great milestone I must say. Sleeping is still a bit difficult, but not that hard, cravings have definitely subsided but not completely gone. The nightmares still continue though. But I am a strong independent woman waiting to concur the world, after my father deposits the money in my bank account.Would I like another sip of coke? Yes, why not? the store is not so far from my place, I wouldn’t even have to drive I can walk that far. It’s just a matter of time and distance until the familiar taste blesses my throat and soul. You know what? There is no such thing as coke addiction. I’m fine! I totally am, a 10-day cleanse was fun, but now bring on the real stuff.

That’s it, GIVE ME MY COKE!

No, now let’s talk about this stuff for real. I stopped drinking coke for about 3 months until I accidently had some. I completely forgot that I wasn’t supposed to have the drink. I was doing that well. Yes, in the beginning it was tough and I forgot why I was doing it, but eventually it was a lot smoother. No, I didn’t find any supplement or replacement to the fizzy drink, maybe water and occasionally some juice. Do I still feel like a crave it? Nope! But occasionally I might drink some with a few meals here and there. I don’t track my consumption because I don’t drink it that often. Am I certain that I’ll never have this addiction ever again? No, but I know that I can concur it. I’m extremely sorry if anyone got offended by this little piece of article and thought that I was being disrespectful, my sincere apologies, but that’s how we can deals with things that are slightly more serious; by a little humor. My respect goes out to anyone and everyone that has dealt with or is dealing with addiction, I may not know how it actually feels to tackle something this huge, but I can tell you one thing. You guys are doing a great job. Kudos!